Although inequality in the workplace is an ongoing battle, positive change is happening! There are many companies that are paving the way, leading by example, and making their workplaces a space for women to thrive. We are honored today to announce the Top 100 Companies for Generation Z.

The Top 100 have been separated into 8 different categories that Generation Z care about when searching for a new job. These categories are: (1) Diversity & Inclusion, (2) Work-Life Balance, (3) Leadership, (4) Making a Positive Impact, (5) Learning & Development, (6) Compensation, (7) Benefits, and (8) Culture.

Although these companies have been placed into their respective categories, they are all doing an amazing job at making their company a great place for women to work at and many of them fit into most, if not all, of the categories that are listed below. These companies are not listed in ranking order.

Now, without further ado, please help us congratulate this year's honorees for the Best Workplaces for Generation Z in 2019.

Diversity & Inclusion

Work-Life Balance


Making A Positive Impact

Learning & Development




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