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Our businesses and our employees are trusted to deliver excellence and to do the right thing for our customers.


    Our mission is to provide clarity in complex, rapidly advancing industries. Every day, we help people work with precision and authority by delivering vital information into their hands.


    What employees say: “What I take the most pride in is being able to contribute something meaningful to society.” -- Jessie Yeh, Product Engineer, Zynx Health "We have a very open culture where we exchange ideas.” -- Anil Goyal, Senior Vice President-Operations, Black Book “We try to develop products that make a change, that make an impact. We are looking for solutions that solve big problems.” -- Adrienne White, Senior Innovation Strategist, Hearst Health Innovation Lab “People who work for our company believe in what we do. Everybody is here not for a job but to be part of something bigger than themselves.” -- Jeremy Rittierodt, MSN, RN, CCM, CTT+, Account Director, National & Strategic Accounts, MCG “Hearst has a tradition of innovation and forward thinking.” -- Kyle Luck, Senior Product Manager, Black Book


    The values that we hold at Hearst Business Media shine through all that we do. Our values are: Trusted Independence: Our businesses and employees are trusted to chart their own courses and to deliver excellence and to do the right thing for our customers. Impact Driven: Our unwavering commitment is to our customers and their end-users and we’re passionate about ensuring they can work with precision and authority in the moments that matter. Relentless Curiosity: We work in a rich ecosystem of creativity. Those curious enough to ask “why” are recognized, listened to and rewarded. Responsive Agility: We are passionate about innovating because our customers work in rapidly advancing industries. We evolve, transform and grow so we are always ahead of the next opportunity. Open Collaboration: We work in an environment where fluid partnership with our customers is paramount, listening to their needs and finding solutions collaboratively.


    We Support Our Employees: An environment that rewards exceptional and extraordinary performance through financial and career advancement, a well balanced work-life schedule, exceptional benefits including health and wellness, 401k with company match, tuition reimbursement and professional development, an environment of acceptance and collaboration


    Hearst Business Media supports a diverse work environment, where everyone is respected and valued.


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