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What is Mogul X?

This September 8, 2018, we are bringing our global community together in-person.
600 of you. In New York City.

Mogul X is an innovative conference made up of transformative classrooms, immersive experiences, and networking opportunities – all of which dive into the key aspects of a Mogul’s life including Failing Forward, Work, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Travel, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Each class is taught by the best of the best: world-class CEO's, top executives, celebrities, and professors – taking their lifetime of learnings and expertise and turning it into actionable lessons for you.

For every $1 earned by Mogul X, Mogul provides free educational resources to 1 woman in need through our international partners, including the United Nations.

Receive a copy of Mogul’s new book,
You Are a Mogul, in an amazing Mogul backpack filled with top life and work essentials when you arrive at Mogul X.


Class schedule

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  • 9am
    • Work It
      Finding Your Purpose
      Find out how to pursue your hustle or find a job that brings you a sense of purpose.
    • Relationships
      Finding a Mentor in 2018
      Build lasting relationships and developed a network of advisors.
    • Failing Forward
      Later, Haters
      Bullies are everywhere in the Internet world. BUT when they go low, we go high.
  • 10am
    • Work It
      Art of the Side Hustle
      A side hustle gives you an additional stream of income, creative outlet, confidence, and a backup plan.
    • Relationships
      Dating in 2018
      Hear from experts about how to navigate through it all and stay sane.
    • Failing Forward
      Rebuilding After Life's Storm
      Move past embarrassment and humiliation. Pick up the pieces, rise above, and come out stronger.
    • Health & Wellness
      Finding Balance
      Hear from health and nutrition experts on the importance of finding true balance.
  • 11am
    • Work It
      Salary Negotiations
      Learn how to define your worth, and learn how to negotiate your next pay rise like a boss.
    • Relationships
      Making New Friends in 2018
      Meet new people, learn to expand your circle and make friendships that last.
    • Failing Forward
      Post-Scandal Rebrand
      We all make mistakes, but learn how to make amends, reclaim your narrative, and redefine your future.
    • Health & Wellness
      Take a break, increase awareness of the present moment, and reduce stress.
  • 12pm
    • Lunch
    • Health & Wellness
      Finding Your Happy
      Reflect, build confidence, and take steps to becoming your best self.
  • 1pm
    • Lunch
    • Finance
      Create budgets, manage student loans, understand your taxes, and start saving for the future.
  • 2pm
    • Finance
      The F Word
      Learn how to have productive and positive conversations about money.
    • Travel
      Travel for Cheap
      Discover the world's up-and-coming destinations and learn how to see the world on a budget.
  • 3pm
    • The Hustle
      Series A
      Only 11% of venture funding investments are made in female-founded companies. Hear from powerhouse venture capitalists on what they've learned from sitting on the other side of the table.
    • Finance
      Build Your Financial Future
      Tips and resources to begin building your investment portfolio.
    • Travel
      Travel for a Living
      Hear from influencers themselves on how they left corporate life and built a career on travel.
  • 4pm
    • The Hustle
      Series B
      Hear from a panel of female change-makers and entrepreneurs on how they built their businesses, the challenges faced along the way and the advice they'd share with their younger selves.
  • 5pm


Our roster of world-class CEOs, top executives, celebrities, and professors will be announced shortly!


117 West 46th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

A state-of-the-art venue in the heart of New York City, stacked with classrooms, lounges, WiFi and unlimited tea, coffee and snacks. All. Day. Long.
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Experience the modern, millennial classroom.

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About Us

Mogul is one of the largest platforms for female millennials worldwide, enabling information access, economic opportunity, and education. For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul provides free educational resources to 1 woman in need through our international partners including the United Nations.


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