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What is Mogul X?

This September 8, 2018, we are bringing our global community together in-person.
600 of you. In New York City.

Mogul X is an innovative conference made up of immersive experiences, networking opportunities, and transformative classrooms – all of which dive into the key aspects of a Mogul’s life including Failures, Work, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Travel, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Each class is taught by the best of the best: world-class CEO's, top executives, celebrities, and professors – taking their lifetime of learnings and expertise and turning it into actionable lessons for you.

For every $1 earned by Mogul X, Mogul provides free educational resources to 1 woman in need through our international partners, including the United Nations.

When you arrive at Mogul X, you will have access to a full day of transformative classes and culinary meals, including breakfast, lunch, and unlimited snacks. In addition, you will receive networking opportunities and the option to participate in immersive experiences such as office hours with world-class experts, manicures, massages, and photobooths.

You will also receive a copy of Mogul’s new book, You Are a Mogul, in an amazing Mogul backpack filled with top life and work essentials. This includes a gift from TV icon Suze Orman, your own personalized bracelet from MyIntent, and incredible surprises from the WNBA, Thrive Global, This Bar Saves Lives, Milkbar, and more.


Class schedule

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  • 9am
    • Work It
      Finding Your Purpose
      Find out how to pursue your hustle or find a job that brings you a sense of purpose. Taught by: Ann Sarnoff.
    • Failing Forward
      Later, Haters
      Bullies are everywhere in the Internet world. BUT when they go low, we go high. Taught by: Lizzie Velasquez.
    • Relationships
      Finding a Mentor
      Build lasting relationships and developed a network of advisors. Taught by: Tiffany Pham.
    • Health & Wellness
      Listen to Your Gut
      Learn to pursue a passion, even if you don’t have a background in the field. Taught by: Julia Cheek.
  • 10am
    • Work It
      Art of the Hustle
      Learn what it takes to build a career in one of the most competitive fields, particularly in a field that is dominated by men. Taught by: Alana Podreciks.
    • Failing Forward
      Building Resilience Amidst Obstacles
      Move past embarrassment and humiliation. Pick up the pieces, rise above, and come out stronger. Taught by: Mariane Pearl.
    • Relationships
      Dating in 2018
      Hear from experts about how to navigate through it all and stay sane. Taught by: Justin McLeod.
    • Health & Wellness
      Finding Balance
      Hear from health and nutrition experts on the importance of finding true balance. Taught by: Sophia Roe.
  • 11am
    • Work It
      Salary Negotiations
      Learn how to define your worth, and learn how to negotiate your next pay rise like a boss. Taught by: Claire Wasserman.
    • Failing Forward
      Changing the Game
      We all make mistakes, but learn how to make amends, reclaim your narrative, and redefine your future. Taught by: Molly Bloom.
    • Relationships
      Networking Your Way to the Top
      Learn how to create opportunities through building relationships and expanding your network. Taught by: Amber Grewal.
    • Health & Wellness
      Finding Your Zen
      Take a break, increase awareness of the present moment, and reduce stress. Taught by: Carla Hammond.
  • 12pm
    • Lunch
    • Health & Wellness
      Finding Your Happy
      Reflect, build confidence, and take steps to becoming your best self. Taught by: Becky Curran.
  • 1pm
    • Lunch
    • Finance
      Create budgets, manage student loans, understand your taxes, and start saving for the future. Taught by: Kelly Peeler.
  • 2pm
    • Finance
      The F Word
      Learn how to have productive and positive conversations about money. Taught by: Kara Stevens.
    • Travel
      Travel for Cheap
      Discover the world's up-and-coming destinations and learn how to see the world on a budget. Taught by: Scott Keyes.
  • 3pm
    • The Hustle
      Funding the Dream
      Only 11% of venture funding investments are made in female-founded companies. Hear from powerhouse venture capitalists on what they've learned from sitting on the other side of the table. Taught by: Jesse Draper and Arlan Hamilton.
    • Finance
      Build Your Financial Future
      Tips and resources to begin building your investment portfolio. Taught by: Alexa von Tobel.
    • Travel
      Building a Business to Work Remotely
      Hear from influencers themselves on how they left corporate life and built a career on travel. Taught by: Kiersten Rich.
  • 4pm
    • The Hustle
      Hear from top female change-makers and entrepreneurs on how they built their businesses, the challenges faced along the way and the advice they'd share with their younger selves. Taught by: Jessica O. Matthews and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson.
    • Finance
      Funding the Hustle: Coding Bootcamp
      Learn coding basics in a bootcamp to get you started on your next project. Taught by: Avi Flombaum.
  • 5pm


Molly bloom
Author of Molly’s Game & Entrepreneur
Changing the Game
Alexa von tobel
Founder & CEO, LearnVest & Chief Digital Officer, Northwestern Mutual
Building Your Financial Future
Lizzie velasquez
Motivational Speaker, Author & YouTuber
Later, Haters
Mariane pearl
Journalist & Author of A Mighty Heart
Building Resilience Amidst Obstacles
Jessica matthews
Founder & CEO, Uncharted Power
Alexandra wilkis wilson
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Co-Founder of GLAMSQUAD & Gilt Groupe
Jesse draper
Founding Partner, Halogen Ventures
Funding the Hustle
Arlan hamilton
Founder & Managing Partner, Backstage Capital
Funding the Hustle
Ann sarnoff
Ann Sarnoff
President of BBC Worldwide NA & Board of Directors at PayPal
Finding Your Purpose
Justin mcleod
Founder & CEO, Hinge
Dating in 2018
Tiffany pham
Founder & CEO, Mogul
Finding a Mentor
Claire wasserman
Founder, Ladies Get Paid
Salary Negotiations
Kelly peeler
Founder & CEO, NextGenVest
Julia cheek
Founder & CEO, EverlyWell
Listen to Your Gut
Scott keyes
Founder, Scott’s Cheap Flights
Travel for Cheap
Kiersten rich
Founder, The Blonde Abroad
Building a Business to Work Remotely
Amber grewal
VP of Global Talent Acquisition, IBM
Networking Your Way to the Top
Avi flombaum
Avi Flombaum
Founder & Dean, Flatiron School
Funding the Hustle: Coding Bootcamp
Kara stevens
Founder, The Frugal Feminista
The F Word
Carla hammond
Founder & CEO, Be Time
Finding Your Zen
Sophia roe
Health & Wellness Expert
Finding Balance
Becky curran
Motivational Speaker
Finding Your Happy
Alana podreciks
Alana Podreciks
Head of New Ventures, McKinsey & Company
Art of the Hustle

And more world-class CEOs, experts, celebrities,
and professors to be announced shortly!


”We’re so excited to be involved. And Tiffany is so amazing, too!”
– Jesse Draper Management Team

“There is such desperation for innovation regarding areas such as relationships and health and finance, especially internationally. It would be an inspiration to be surrounded by innovators and optimists, just like me.”
– Amanda, Mogul User

“Oh my gosh. I am so happy and glad about the Mogul X event... I am happy for the community at Mogul. Hoping and praying for the event to go smoothly and be the source of positivity and empowerment to women.”
– Janine, Mogul User

“I'm not a millennial. I'm 71 years old. But I think Mogul sounds FABULOUS!”
– Ada, Mogul User

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Location & Stay

117 West 46th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

Mogul X is taking place at Convene, a state-of-the-art venue in the heart of New York City, stacked with classrooms, lounges, WiFi and unlimited tea, coffee, and snacks. All. Day. Long.

Attending Mogul X from out of town? Thanks to our sponsor, Hilton Hotels, please take a look at the hotels nearby the event and book your stay today.
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Uncharted power
Ladies get paid
Scotts cheap flights
The blonde abroad
Suze orman
Thrive global
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Adore me
Craft jam
Grounding light
My intent
This bar saves lives
Milk bar
Aunt flow

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Experience the modern, millennial classroom.

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About Us

Mogul is one of the largest platforms for female millennials worldwide, enabling information access, economic opportunity, and education. For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul provides free educational resources to 1 woman in need through our international partners including the United Nations.


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