I can’t tell you the pride I feel when kids from my daughter’s classroom are excited to hear that I work for EA. The kids always say “It’s so cool!"


Top innovators


    At EA, we exist to Inspire the World to Play. We create amazing experiences for our players everywhere and we consider our players’ experiences first in everything we do.


    Creating transformational experiences requires constant innovation and brilliant, passionate people. We are developing extraordinary new game experiences by bringing together great people that combine creativity, technology, and expertise to deliver new ways to play.


    CREATIVITY: Striving to bring imagination, original ideas, and excitement to everything we do.

    PIONEERING: Acting with the curiosity and courage that it takes to experiment, innovate and lead.

    PASSION: We are at our best when we pursue what we love, and have fun doing it.

    DETERMINATION: Bringing focus, drive, and conviction to our actions. Thriving on the journey, and being motivated to achieve excellence.

    TEAMWORK: Committed to each other, and to the accountability and integrity, it takes to be a successful global team. 

    LEARNING: Listening, having humility and being open to new ways of thinking. Challenging ourselves to grow and change as a company.


    Whether you’re at the start of your career, mid-career, or looking forward to retirement, EA provides benefits that support your needs and can help you balance your career and personal life.


    Your health and well being are top priority at EA- that’s why EA provides access to great health care coverage and our very own “wellbEAing program.” With employees all over the world, we ensure these programs are reflective of the local market and can meet your needs wherever you are. And because we know that well being involves financial security, we offer programs that include- depending on your location- retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, financial planning, life insurance and/or disability coverage.


    Working at EA is fun- what else would you expect from a company that exists to inspire the world to play? On top of getting free games, our employees have access to a dynamic work environment and lots of perks- like access to fitness benefits globally, onsite fitness centers at some of our largest locations, ride-to-work schemes, discount programs, and more!


    Families matter at EA. That’s why we offer programs that help support your family needs. While our programs are geared to the local market and vary by location, our family-focused benefits include paid maternity and paternity leave, adoption assistance, employee assistance programs, flexible work hours, and child care resources.


    No matter where you work at EA, we offer paid time off and holidays so you can get away and do what you enjoy most. On top of that, most locations close down for at least a week every year so that everyone has the chance to unplug, relax and recharge!


    When we incorporate diversity & inclusion into business practices, it enables innovation, creating opportunities for every employee to reach their full potential to deliver an amazing player experience.

    Employee Resource Groups at EA encourage employees to voluntarily unite around a common affinity, experience and/or interest to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. All of these groups are open to any employee regardless of background, location or function.

    Inclusion @ EA is an employee training program in which we explore unconscious bias and identify how to be more purposeful with inclusive language and behaviors. By showing the positive impact inclusion has on our own performance and teams, we can drive innovation at EA!


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