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    Our mission is to help brands humanize their connections with their customers: Top global businesses like Domino’s, the Guardian, SoundCloud, Urban Outfitters, and Venmo rely on us to deliver tens of billions of messages across push, email, apps, and more. If you’ve ever gotten a notification from Delivery Hero or Headspace, you’ve seen our technology in action...and it’s the people of Braze who make it all happen.



    We’re original. That means that we’re not afraid to be unique or bold in our approach. We set trends. And we do it all with an edge that feels unrepeatable.


    When it comes to execution, we thrive in the same reality that our clients do: one that requires building and acting on bold brand experiences that go above and beyond.


    We’re sincere and genuine. Our vibe is approachable and authentic. And we’re really trusting of our people and our partners.


    We believe in the habits and connections that inspire long-term relationships. We create bonds with one another through teamwork, mutual respect, and partnerships that extend beyond our organization.


    We’re curious. We’re not afraid to venture beyond the norm to create more effective methods and approaches. We embrace transformative change and help brands we work with do the same.


    We don’t settle. We push boundaries in search of excellence. We challenge convention with a level of perseverance and commitment that’s rooted in our people, our product, and our partners.

Diversity & Inclusion

    In our workplace, all are respected, treated fairly, and can feel safe and heard. We put our commitment into action through a dedicated D&I task force, education initiatives, partnerships in the community, and empowerment of individuals.


    We work hard. We play hard. At Braze, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out with your smart colleagues. Think karaoke, beer brewing, Mario Kart tournaments, breaks for Ultimate Werewolf, Slack trolling (just to kid). We believe if we’re not having some fun, we’re doing something wrong.


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We strive for equal representation and parity of roles, and ensure that everything we do is inclusive for everyone. We believe in Braze for ALL.