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Grow your skills across all aspects of your life & career. Our award-winning courses include over 1,200 lesson modules, with concrete next steps to take you to the next level. Our award-winning webinars are used by top companies including Snapchat, NBC, Mashable, and Hearst, as commissioned by the NYC Department of Education.
Un women

Mogul provides free educational resources to women in need through our international partners, including the United Nations.

What the Press is Saying About Us

  • Entrepreneur at work
    “One of the Top Online Training Platforms. Alongside Harvard Business School & EdX.”
  • Inc at work
    “Top Platform for finding a mentor in 2016.”
  • Ddn at work
    2016 Innovation & Inclusion Award for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Hbs at work
    “Enables women to think outside the box and realize the many things they can accomplish.”
  • Forbes at work
    “Leverages technology to connect women and [encourages] them to learn from each other as well as support themselves.”
  • Business insider at work
    “Empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities they would otherwise not have access to.”