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Mogul Learning helps you achieve your personal & professional goals, no matter where you are in your journey.

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Grow your skills across all aspects of your life & career. Our award-winning courses include over 1,200 lesson modules, with concrete next steps to take you to the next level. Our award-winning webinars are used by top companies including Snapchat, NBC, Mashable, and Hearst, as commissioned by the NYC Department of Education.
Un women

For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul distributes free educational resources to women in need through our international partners such as UN Women.

What the Press is Saying About Us

  • Entrepreneur at work
    “One of the Top Online Training Platforms. Alongside Harvard Business School & EdX.”
  • Inc at work
    “Top Platform for finding a mentor in 2016.”
  • Ddn at work
    2016 Innovation & Inclusion Award for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Hbs at work
    “Enables women to think outside the box and realize the many things they can accomplish.”
  • Forbes at work
    “Leverages technology to connect women and [encourages] them to learn from each other as well as support themselves.”
  • Business insider at work
    “Empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities they would otherwise not have access to.”