Bringing health through food to as many people as possible.


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    Through its mission and dual commitment to business success and social progress, the company aims to build a healthier future, thanks to better health, better lives and a better world, for all its stakeholders—its 100,000 employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and all the communities with which it engages.


    In 1972 in Marseille, Antoine Riboud explained his vision of the company's role by stating that economic and social goals are interdependent. This visionary thinking provided the cornerstone for Danone's dual economic and social project. To this day, our teams around the world imagine operating models that create economic, social and environmental value.


    When it comes to benefits, being a food company with a strong health mission is also highly influential. We take the health and wellbeing of our employees seriously and we want our programmes to resonate with this mission.