"It's time to make sustainable business the only way of doing business" - Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone

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    It is increasingly clear that our global food system is in need of repair and requires a more sustainable path forward. As a result, many of us are giving more thought to what we eat and drink—and understanding how it impacts our health, the environment and the communities around us. We make decisions with the long-view of future generations in mind to benefit people and the planet.

    The food we choose to nourish ourselves and our families becomes an extension of each of us and our values. Rightly, we expect companies and brands to be authentic and transparent in answering:  where, how and by whom is my food grown, sourced, prepared and distributed? How can I choose foods that contribute to my health and enjoyment and that of my family and friends?

    The power to change our food system, and our world, is within each of us. Every time we eat and drink, we vote for the world we want to live in.


    In 1972 in Marseille, Antoine Riboud explained his vision of the company's role by stating that economic and social goals are interdependent. This visionary thinking provided the cornerstone for Danone's dual economic and social project. To this day, our teams around the world imagine operating models that create economic, social and environmental value. As Danoners, we are purpose driven. We believe in our company's mission and our ability to contribute to a healthier world. 


    Our Danone North America core values are around HOPE: Humanism + Openness + Proximity + Enthusiasm 

    Curious about our people? CODES describes our behaviors - Creates + Opens + Drives + Empowers + Self Aware


    When it comes to benefits, being a food company with a strong health mission is also highly influential. We take the health and well being of our employees seriously and we want our programs to resonate with this mission.


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