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    Neuehouse is the world’s first private work collective in which one’s place of business is also an environment for learning, inspiration, collaboration and hospitality.


    NeueHouse members are an eclectic mix of sophisticated entrepreneurs from a wide range of creative industries. Many of them are household names who have started or led globally known companies. Others are celebrated young disruptors unleashing the “new, new” thing. Whatever their background, it is an insatiable curiosity which unites the members of NeueHouse.


    We believe that exceptional people make exceptional work.


    For the NeueHouse community, birthdays are big—and champagne and cupcake celebrations are a beloved team tradition. When they're not toasting to another year, Neuehouse's super social creatives and personable entrepreneurs casually mix and mingle during the daily happy hour at 5:30 PM—merging its mentoring members and ambitiously accessible staff together in work and play.


    NeueHouse's founders are personally invested in their employees, and they're often seen on-site, inspiring teams to build the dream work environment. Leading several weekly meetings with bursts of enthusiasm, management stays deeply involved in the NeueHouse collective community—keeping employees engaged and aligned with its unique mission to blend hospitality with happy work.


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