We welcome curious, compassionate nerds who value innovation, community, and diversity - of thought, person, and action - people who are committed to building something better every day.

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    Versus makes games more fun. Our white-label platform gives players the opportunity to play for the things they love, inside of the games they love. Interactive entertainment becomes even more engaging, more fun, and more personal.


    At Versus, we love a challenge. Games, puzzles, riddles, trivia contests - we like solving things, we like playing, and we like winning. We like team sports, tabletop game nights, online multiplayer, communities of gamers, and communities of problem solvers. We're tanks and healers, dungeonmasters and rogues. We've settled Catan, captured the flag, flown on the Normandy, and check raised on the river. We know the cake is a lie.


    Diversity - Empathy - Curiosity - Community. Games are more fun when you're playing with friends. Versus is a collaborative, multiplayer, cooperative enterprise. It's a team game. We're building something new, something challenging, and we're doing it as a community of developers, designers, strategists, and explorers. We build new technology, we write patents. We put our teammates in positions to succeed. We create long-term value. We give gamers the opportunity to play for things they love. Welcome to the team.


    We offer competitive salaries, equity packages, medical, dental, vision, 401K matching, flexible hours, and paid vacation time that we encourage you to actually take.


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