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What You Get:

  • ✔ Access to 4,700 Mentors Providing You with 1-On-1 Confidential Advice 24/7, Such As the Former Chairman of Hearst Magazines & Miss New York

  • ✔ Access to 10 Award-Winning Trainings Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life & Career

With each subscription, we provide free access to the 62 million girls in need of an education through our United Nations partnership.

  • Career Guidance

    Career Guidance

    Rise to the top of your field.
  • Starting a Business

    Starting a Business

    Go from concept to profitable reality.
  • Personal Finance

    Personal Finance

    Achieve financial security.
  • Continuing Education & Learning

    Continuing Education & Learning

    Succeed thanks to training and degrees.
  • Relationship Advice

    Relationship Advice

    Grow your emotional intelligence.
  • Beauty Lessons

    Beauty Lessons

    Achieve your best look inside and out.
  • Fitness & Healthy Living

    Fitness & Healthy Living

    Invest in your long-term health.
  • Travel


    Make each journey empowering.
  • Cuisine & Nutrition

    Cuisine & Nutrition

    Expand your culinary skills.
  • Engineering


    Turn your tech idea into reality.