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Mogul Learning helps you achieve your personal & professional goals, no matter where you are in your journey. We're already helping 18,000,000 & counting. Now it’s your turn.

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Grow your skills across all aspects of your life & career. Each of our award-winning courses includes 12 lessons & 12 assessments, along with concrete next steps to take you to the next level. Our award-winning webinars are used by top companies including Snapchat, NBC, Mashable, and Hearst, and commissioned by the NYC Department of Education.

Resume Review

Our career experts will review & edit your resume & help you land your dream job.
$49 per review

How It Works

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    Send us your resume
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    Our experts will review & edit it
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    Receive your updated resume within 48 hours


  • Experts Reviewed by career & recruiting experts
  • Comprehensive Comprehensive review of grammar, copy & content
  • Response Under 48 hour response time
  • Confidential 100% confidential & private

Customer Reviews

Grace y
Top quote
Thank you for these invaluable edits. My resume looks so much better for it and far more polished. I am so grateful to Mogul. I feel much more confident sending across my resume to potential employers.
Grace Y., USA
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Get the support & guidance you need straight from experts to achieve all of your personal & professional goals.
$19 per month

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    Email us with questions 24/7
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    Get matched with a mentor
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    Receive personalized advice within 48 hours


  • Mentors Access over 5,000 mentors & role models for advice & guidance
  • Question Ask anything! Get advice for your career, relationships, health, or anything else
  • Heart Receive the guidance & support you need 24/7
  • Confidential 100% confidential & private

Some of our mentors include

  • Ann sarnoff
    Ann Sarnoff,
    President of
    Bbc worldwide
  • Cathie black
    Cathie Black,
    Former Chairman of

Customer Reviews

Amel z
Top quote
Thank you for your help. This has helped me in many ways: First, I wasn’t used to asking for help. Now I understand the power of exchanges. Seeking advice, being a good listener & being open-minded is necessary for business success. This was the perfect tool to challenge my ideas and create an ambitious project. Second, I was able to clarify my vision, put words to what was on my mind. It helped me to be more focused and ambitious while not being afraid to start small. Finally, on a personal level, it removed many anxieties. It's priceless. Your listening, kindness, transparency, and good advice have made this definitely stimulating and inspiring! It is a real boost! I'm very grateful!
Amel Z., France
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Un women

For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul provides a free education to 1 woman in need through our partnerships with organizations worldwide such as UN Women.

What the Press is Saying About Us

  • Entrepreneur at work
    “One of the Top Online Training Platforms. Alongside Harvard Business School & EdX.”
  • Inc at work
    “Top Platform for finding a mentor in 2016.”
  • Ddn at work
    2016 Innovation & Inclusion Award for Social Entrepreneurship
  • Hbs at work
    “Enables women to think outside the box and realize the many things they can accomplish.”
  • Forbes at work
    “Leverages technology to connect women and [encourages] them to learn from each other as well as support themselves.”
  • Business insider at work
    “Empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities they would otherwise not have access to.”