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Western Union

Western Union Company is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. Our omnichannel platform connects the digital and physical worlds and makes it possible for consumers and businesses to send and receive money and make payments with speed, ease, and reliability. With our global reach, Western Union moves money for better, connecting family, friends and businesses to enable financial inclusion and support economic growth.

Denver, Colorado
Financial Services
5001-10,000 employees
Founded 1851

Join us in connecting the world


We believe that when money moves — easily, quickly, and reliably — good things happen. A business grows. A child goes to college. Emergency aid makes it to where it’s needed. An economy prospers, an opportunity opens, a community heals, and relationships endure. Moving money for better means moving money for a better world – creating value for individuals, businesses and for society.


“Moving money for better” is the purpose that guides every decision we make because when money moves, better things happen.
We fulfill our purpose by helping create value for our consumers and businesses, connecting them through innovative products and services that facilitate the global movement of money.
Through this, we help enable individuals and communities to fulfill their potential and ultimately support global economic growth.

Globally Minded
We benefit from boundless and borderless backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives.
We embrace different cultures, our own and our customers’.
We encourage diversity of thinking, challenge the status quo to help improve and grow our business and promote a culture of equality and inclusion. 

Trustworthy & Respectful
We trust each other and know that the trust of our customers is vital. We earn this trust by treating everyone with respect and dignity. We always act with integrity and do what is right.

Diversity & Inclusion

Western Union envisions a culture of global unity and boundless connection, contributing to a world where our diversity is celebrated in all its forms.

  • We want every employee to feel that they belong, are treated equitably, and have the same growth opportunities.
  • Our commitment is to provide an inclusive work culture that champions our teams’ unique backgrounds and perspectives while reflecting the global communities we serve.

Our employees drive our success.

As a global company operating in more than 200 countries and territories, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are central to who we are and an important factor in driving innovation and performance. We work to build and support a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities across the globe. Our focus is on bringing more diverse candidates into our organization while creating a culture of inclusion and belonging to ensure they stay, grow, and thrive.

Diversity and inclusion are core strengths of Western Union. We are a globally diverse company with more than 8,000 unique individuals working in over 55 countries, coming from 120+ birth countries, speaking more than 54 different languages, and 51% of our workforce is women. And we know we have the continuously deepen our commitment. 

Attracting Diverse Talent - 2025 Goals 

2025 Goal: Reach 40% women in senior management and above roles.  

2021 Progress: 38% of our senior management and above roles were women. 

2025 Goal: Reach 25% Hispanic/Latinx and Black/ African American employees in the U.S.

2021 Progress: 22% of our employees in the U.S. are Hispanic/Latinx or Black/African American.


Better is achieved through hard work and commitment. At Western Union, we expect the best from our teams, and in return, we're proud to take great care of our employees and their families with our Global Total Rewards program. This program is one of the many ways we try to show our teams that we appreciate all they do.

Below is a sampling of global benefits that we offer. Additional benefits are offered per location:  

  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Medical Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Global Recognition & Rewards Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Risk Insurance Benefits
  • Western Union Scholarship Program
  • Global Adoption Assistance
  • Business Travel Assistance & Insurance
  • Discount Fees on Money Transfers


Western Union does business each day with absolute integrity, honesty, and passion, partnering as a team to meet our consumers' needs. We didn't become a worldwide leader in money movement services overnight. The employees of Western Union have been the backbone of our innovative spirit since our founding in 1851. And it’s a proud tradition that continues today with the next dedicated, creative individual that joins our team - hopefully, you!

Social impact

Our commitment remains to connect people through technology, adapting as their needs change, and helping them move their money to make good things happen. We take our responsibility seriously to advance equity for all to feel empowered and respected, regardless of geographical location, position, language, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or social status. Read more in our 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report.

We Believe in a Brighter Future

The Western Union Foundation believes education is the surest pathway to economic opportunity. We seek to empower disadvantaged youth and migrants to succeed in today’s global economy. In 2021, the Foundation celebrated 20 years of providing opportunities for economic prosperity by investing in skill building— including scholarships— and migrant inclusion, responding in times of crisis, and enabling Western Union employees to give back to our communities. To date, more than $137 million has been given to fund projects and scholarships in 175 countries across the globe, and $20 million has been dedicated to crisis response. Learn more about the Western Union Foundation.

Opportunities at Western Union

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