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    We believe that when money moves, better things can happen. A business expands. A child goes to college. Emergency aid arrives when it’s needed. An economy prospers, an opportunity opens, a community heals and relationships endure. Moving money for better means moving money for a better world –creating value for individuals, businesses and for society.


    Western Union does business each day with absolute integrity, honesty, and passion, partnering as a team to meet our consumers' needs. We shape our culture by being: Inspired, Connected, Driven, Game Changer, Responsible. We didn't become the worldwide leader in money movement services overnight. The employees of Western Union have been the backbone of our innovative spirit. And it’s a proud tradition that continues today with the next dedicated, creative individual that joins our team - hopefully, you!


    We show our appreciation to our employees by offering Global Total Rewards programs that encompass more than just compensation and benefits. These include paid time off, recognition, world-class training, and a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. To ensure our programs are competitive across our global workforce, the Company regularly benchmarks our programs against those of other leading companies. We are also continually evaluating our rewards programs to ensure they meet employees’ changing benefit needs.


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