All women and men are created equal.

Safety At Work

We are proud to provide a safe environment in the workplace through Mogul Safety At Work.


    We give women unparalleled access to connect, share information, and obtain knowledge and opportunities worldwide. Through our safe, judgement-free environment, women can become the best version of themselves.


    At Mogul, we are driven by the 62 million women around the globe that lack access to education. Through our passion, hard work, and dedication, each team member of Mogul is making a difference for millions every day. We are open to new ideas and methods of approaching situations, and we establish a uniquely relaxed and fun, yet fast-paced setting for our team to focus on new solutions to old problems. Through collaboration, all the individual teams within Mogul support each other and work toward global impact.


    Mogul’s Benefits Program is inspired by the new-age tech companies of today. However, we differentiate ourselves because of the tremendous care we have for our team. Mogul’s team members are all part of a greater whole which we have come to consider as a family. We want what’s best for our team just as we want what’s best for our families. Here are a few of the benefits we offer: Work/Life Balance (Unlimited Paid Vacation Days & Yearly Company Retreat), Health (Medical, Vision, and Dental), Employee Safety (Unlimited Sick Days, Flexible Remote Days & Paid Company Car after 10PM), Professional Development Trainings, Commuter Benefits, Catered Lunch Every Friday & Snacks Galore and much more.