Modern Hydrogen

Modern Hydrogen's distributed hydrogen production systems enable clean heat and fuel, today. No waiting on hydrogen pipelines, or delivery trucks. No large, high-pressure storage necessary. No more emissions. 

Electricity can be used in many simple heating and power applications, but many high-grade heating applications remain out of reach. Additionally, the total amount of energy required for peak heating in the U.S. is more than double the capacity of our national electrical grid. This means that most heating in the U.S. cannot be electrified today and will not be fully electrified and powered by a clean grid for decades to come. 

So, what can be done to solve the massive problem of today’s emissions?  

At Modern Hydrogen, we understand the importance of energy-dense fuels and the high value of effectively storing and transporting them. When we focused our expertise in high-temperature physics, thermomechanical design, and applied chemistry on the problem, Modern Hydrogen™ was the result. We operate at the leading edge of new technologies that effectively decarbonize natural gas at the point of use for commercial and industrial operations, fuel cells, and power generation.  

Modern Hydrogen™ technology showcases many of the newest innovations in the transportation and production of clean hydrogen and high value solid carbon.  

Bothell, WA
Renewables & Environment
51-200 employees
Founded 2015

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