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    CEO at Omnicom Media Group
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    Vice President, Talent Development at Intuit
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    Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion
    Portland, Oregon
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Serve those who have gone above and beyond.
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Align Technology

Transforming Smiles, Changing Lives.
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Western Union

Moving Money for Better
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Leading the Way Virtual Happy Hour
The Leading The Way Virtual Happy Hour will bring together executive women from top brands to connect and learn from one another through thought-provoking conversation and key insights on topics related to leadership best practices. Join us for a conversation on Inclusive Leadership in 2020- it's importance within your organization and what it looks like tactically. We're looking forward to virtually cheers-ing with themed cocktails, plus friendship-building with the industry’s best and brightest on Wednesday, July 22nd!
July 22, 2020 - 10:00 PM EDT
Mogul HR Webinar: Improving Your Virtual Interview Process
Join us for an informative session on how to improve your virtual interview process in order to acquire the best-fitting talent for your organization. We're looking forward to a fantastic session with the HR industry's best and brightest.
July 23, 2020 - 04:30 PM EDT
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Taught by Marz Lovejoy, Culture Editor at Office Magazine, Author & Model
What’s the true secret to happiness? This motivational session will help you reflect, build confidence, tap into your best self and take steps to defining YOUR happy.
Taught by Lisa Borders, CEO of LMB Group, Former CEO of TIME'S UP
Most of the time it isn’t about the issue, but rather how you tackle it. Hear how to deal with adversities with the right outlook and approach, outlined by our expert.
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