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New York, NY
1001-5000 employees
Founded 2006

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Diversity & Inclusion

Yext is committed to building an inclusive and diverse culture where every person is seen, heard, and valued. In 2021, we built out a dedicated team to embed diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the business policies, procedures, and programs to foster a culture of belonging. Our D&I program also encompasses our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are an integral part of the Yext culture:

  • Elevate - serves as a mechanism for Black employees at Yext to provide growth opportunities, build a sense of community, and make positive contributions to the greater Black community through our work as an ERG.
  • Embrace - exists to develop and promote our intercultural employees and create diversity awareness for employees and customers of different ethnicities and cultures.
  • Empower - aims to recruit, inspire, and advance women at Yext through career development initiatives, professional workshops, and networking inside and outside of Yext.
  • Equip - seeks to cultivate a safe and inclusive space through physical and mental health education, preventive wellness, disability awareness, and community engagement.
  • Expand - aims to provide resources, share experiences and information, and act as a support network for all global parents, caregivers, and families of Yext, enabling members to be both good family members and productive, fulfilled employees.
  • Express - exists to foster a safe and inclusive workplace, allowing LGBTQ employees to bring their “whole selves” to work and help ensure Yext is a great place for LGBTQ+ employees to work.
  • Sustainability - promotes sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices


Our top priority is maintaining our employee's and their family's health and well-being. We offer a robust benefits program, including top-quality health insurance (medical, dental, vision), paid parental leave, a 401(k) with match or retirement pension plan, equity, commuter benefits, and more.

In addition to our top-tier benefits, we also have a holistic wellness program that includes physical and mental health services. A few employee-favorite perks are our company-wide subscription to the meditation, sleep, and relaxation app Calm, and our corporate gym membership (free gym access & discounted classes? Sign us up! ✅)

We work hard and play even harder, but we also recognize that our employees wear multiple hats as parents, caregivers, mentors, volunteers, and more. That's why we offer flexible and generous vacations, paid company and bank holidays, and sick days — all in an effort to give our employees more time to do the things they love with the ones they love.


When asked what they love most about Yext, many of our employees bring up the people they work alongside daily. Yext has 1000+ incredible employees across the globe that make us who we are. 

"The fantastic vibe in the office is why I come in person more days than not. I have genuine friends that I look forward to seeing, and it's nice to meet some new faces, too. The free lunch and snacks aren't a bad perk, either!"
Campus Programs Coordinator
"The support that Yext provides parents is like nothing I have experienced before. Being a father is the most important thing to me, and it's amazing to know that I can take the time I need to take care of my family."
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager
"I was searching for a company with a flexible and positive work culture, and Yext offered those and much more. Yext is a community of talented and passionate individuals who have made me feel included since day 1!"
Operations Analyst

Social impact

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Yext, we are committed to creating more sustainable practices, and prioritizing the environment. We're educating our global workforce on the impact of our carbon footprint and implementing emission reduction strategies. We recognize that serving our employees and clients means more when we are also serving our community and planet.