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    Yext’s mission is to provide perfect answers everywhere.


    Learn fast. Think big. Get stuff done.


    Yext team members enjoy a wide variety of benefits ranging from competitive salaries, health/dental/vision insurance, and flexible hours and vacation policy. Our Yexters’ favorite benefits are unlimited snacks and daily meal allowances through Seamless! Our mission is to help people go places - both consumers to our customers’ doorsteps and our employees to new heights in their careers. Challenging work pushes our people to be creative in a casual environment that is caring, fun, and collaborative. We believe that when you have smart, happy people working together you can produce something special.

Diversity & Inclusion

    At Yext, we recognize that fostering both a diverse and inclusive workplace is fundamental to the long-term success of our organization. Our Diversity and Inclusion program, dubbed Intersect, is comprised of several employee resource groups. Empower is our Women's ERG, which focuses on building a community for women here at Yext that fosters advancement, personal/professional development as well as advocating for support systems across the organization to improve policies specific to women’s needs such as maternity leave, child care, women’s health, and more. Empower believes that increased communication and education about recruiting, retention, and promotion objectives specific to women will help to close the gender gap both inside and outside of Yext. Empower’s mission is to recruit, inspire and advance women at Yext, as well as put Yext on the map as the preeminent NYC tech company that fosters an open community for both men and women in the workplace.


    Yext’s guiding principles, “Learn fast, think big, and get stuff done,” promote creative freedom, innovation, and problem-solving that combined, foster an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates throughout our offices. Yext also believes in open communication. This starts at the executive level with weekly company-wide meetings, called Manifestos, where the Executive Team keeps employees informed of new product innovations, industry benchmarks, and the overall company direction.


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Our technology makes our business work, but it’s our people to whom we owe all of our success. When we’re recognized for our culture, it’s a testament to each and every employee who makes this an awesome place to come to work every day. - Howard Lerman