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2mo London, United Kingdom Story
To someone I used to be close to.


I still think about you sometimes, you know.

Even though life has taken us into completely different directions and we don't hang out like we used to.

Sometimes I look back and wonder how we ended up drifting so far apart that we don't even talk anymore beyond the usual niceties if and when we bump into each other in public.

It's weird.

Because I remember that at one point I felt like you were one of my best friends. My ride or die.

Sometimes I feel a little down or blue when I see how good your life seems to be going, and I remember when I used to be part of those moments, those tags, those shares.

I know that we always made fun of how people only ever show their best face in public so I'm not trying to say that I think your life is perfect, or come across jealous; but I do get a little sad at the thought that I used to be your go-to. One could call the other at any hour of the day and they'd be there; but I know that one of the reasons why we drifted apart was because at the time I wasn't able to be there as much anymore, and you ended up finding people who would.

It's all a little difficult, as it'd be easier if we had just had a massive falling out and stopped talking because of that- but we didn't. I still have fond memories of things we did and the silly moments, as well as the occasional bickering and feelings of frustration. But there's always going to be good times and bad times when it comes to our relationships in life- it's just being able to move past them and remember that we still care.

At this point I know that we'll probably never see each other the same way as we used to. I'm pretty sure there's a time limit on that window of opportunity to reconcile but I just want it out there that I'd fix things if I could, but I'm pretty sure that I can't. I'm not really the type to keep chasing someone around when they don't seem to want to know- I've finally grown out of that crappy habit, haha...

But I do want to put it out there that I still care even if it's from a distance, and that I still think about you and things that we did together sometimes with a smile on my face, and especially that...

I hope you have a good life.

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1 comment

  • Bethany Heinrich
    Bethany Heinrich Mogul Influencer
    2mo ago

    This sounds tough @cinnaNOM  and believe me, I have been there. It's weird how we can definitely love people from afar, but know that the chapter with them is over. 

    This sounds tough @cinnaNOM  and believe me, I have been there. It's weird how we can definitely love people from afar, but know that the chapter with them is over. 

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An outspoken twenty-something year old with an open mind towards most things in life. Has a strong interest to things surrounding mental health, psychology, human behaviour and society; writing often about matters of the heart and/or dealing with anxiety and depression amongst other things that [...]

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