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Polo REO Tate
Polo REO Tate Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.
2mo Story
The granuloma of doubt.

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with a couple of my favorite friends who are both body workers and massage therapists. One night after dinner they got into a google ping-pong match trying to find the definition for the physiological term “granuloma,” which they both had forgotten since kinesiology school. After some debate (and confirming with Google) they agreed that a granuloma was a physical reaction in which our body essentially walls-off a foreign invader—be it poison from an insect or bite, or plastic, metal, glass or wooden shards that has unwantingly entered our body. 

As I witnessed their hilarious back and forth, I started to think about how we can so easily create metaphorical granulomas in our own lives—those of doubt, denial, lack of faith—just like the physical ones. We, too, can wall-off opportunity or abundance with the granuloma of our patterns of thoughts; our beliefs. Unworthiness is a huge granuloma in the face of change, upgrade, and stepping into the spotlight of our lives. 

We so often wall-off our sense of value, our sense of self-assurance, of self-worth in deserving all that we desire. The universe and our higher self, however, never feel that way. Sometimes we make progress toward this understanding by thinking that we have to have a fickle permeable boundary of our own making, wherein conditional acting “correctly, lawfully, morally good, pure or righteous”  (whatever that means to you or your particular religion, community, family or personal code) will in turn grant worthiness and opportunity. However, the universe never raises conditional walls or obstacle courses around opportunity, abundance, joy, ecstasy, brilliance, or fulfillment offered in this life experience. Ever. Walls—around our hearts, our hope, our self-help and vulnerability—are all human constructs of our own design, our own creation, just like a physical granuloma. And please don’t get me wrong, for many many earthly experiences that we have undertaken, walls have served us well with their protection against a raw and wounded psyche. We all have our stories. We all have our traumas. And now, in the wake of this awareness, we all have the opportunity to ask ourselves...are the walls that I have built around myself still serving me? My guess is that when you are called, hand-over-heart, to truly answer that question of your inner voice, you are ready to start toppling the bricks that barricade your ability to live a healthy, whole, all-encompassing, full and multifaceted existence. It might be time to embrace your power, to open your heart space to the oneness that we are as a planet, and open your inner-ear to the communication, the guidance, and ultimately the safe, obstacle-free navigation of your soul, of which we are all capable. 

We each have everything we need already inside of us. 

We all have the innate potential to live in loving, compassionate harmony with one another. It is absolutely possible. 

When the time is right, let us all tear down that will serve us well.

And the greater good will follow suit.

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Polo REO Tate
Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.

Polo REO Tate was born in Lansing, Michigan, where her family has deep ties to the community. Her Great Great Grandfather was Ransom Eli Olds (R.E. Olds), a pioneer and prolific inventor most notably responsible for inventing the first internal combustion automobile—the Oldsmobile. Growing up, [...]

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