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One of the best ways to resist the moody weather and dazzle everyone around you is to wear a vivid and colorful outfit. This year’s fashion weeks all over the world showed us new trends and presented unique models made by some of the most famous designers, and bold prints ended up being one of their favorites. It’s no wonder, considering that printed garments can boost one’s self-confidence and draw everyone’s attention to them.


So let’s see what fashion gurus have to say about the endless number of possibilities that patterns can provide you with this season.

Classic floral

If you thought that flowers are reserved only for spring and summer, you thought wrong. At least, that’s what fashion runways say. Add some floral motifs to your outfit, but not the same way you are used to do it.

image source: 123

Yes, floral blouses and skirts are still allowed, but you should try out something bolder this season, like a floral blazer, trousers or even a jumpsuit. You can pick among numerous variations, from small to big, bright or dark shaded ones… the choice is entirely up to you.

Colorful stripes

Besides vertical and horizontal striped combinations we usually wear, this season go with stripes of all kinds. Nail linear look combining various colors and different textures.


image source: 123

Choose a dress with asymmetrical stripes in some classy black and white combination, or even go with the braver one which contains bright shades, like orange or red balanced with brown or black.

Paisley retro design

This print was always a bit tricky, and, to be honest, it’s not for everyone. But, according to latest trend reviews, designers are trying to make it more suitable for everyday fashion by adding this pattern to trousers, jackets and shirts.

image source: 12

If you choose to wear a garment with the paisley pattern, make sure it’s made from some elegant and smooth fabric, like silk, to evoke a feminine and sophisticated look. . This way you’ll achieve a fashionable and unique appearance which will impact on others.

Endless sparkle

Glitter is back again. You can add it to any part of your look, but make sure not to go over the top. If you want to shine completely, choose a shimmering dress in silver, gold or bronze color, but reduce the rest of your outfit.

image source: 12345

If that’s a bit too much for you, stick to details, like statement jewelry, belt or heels which may, or may not be fully covered with glitter. You can also opt for shoes that are partially or entirely glittery, like the ones you could see in the latest Saint Laurent collection.

Animal touch

Another timeless and sexiest classic is more than welcome in many types and textures. Clothing, shoes, satchels, jewelry pieces – everything is an option when it comes to animal print. It will lift up any combination and is appropriate for every occasion.

You can stick to the proven match – LBD and some detail in leopard print, or go a bit wild by mixing two (or more) different animal patterns.

Cute as a kitten

That’s right, cats are trendy now. Considering that the internet community won’t stop worshiping them, fashion designers thought that they would also be a good motif in new trends. Therefore, you can find cute kittens on blouses and t-shirts, or you can choose jewelry in a similar shape.

image source: 12

Notice that not only the small domestic cats come into account, but the big wild ones, like cheetahs or leopards, too.

Geometrical accuracy

Besides pin-up styled polka-dots, think about some other geometrical patterns, like circles, squares, triangles, etc. New fashion collections offer us various colorful combinations, so feel free to explore and choose some nice suit in one of these bold prints.

image source

Bold prints are definitely hot this season, the options are numerous and the choice is up to you. These are a perfect way to refresh your usual combinations, from office outfits, to more casual ones, and add a personal touch to your look.


Find an inspiration among them for your outfit for the forthcoming holiday parties; this way, you won’t pass unnoticed for sure. Use prints to accent your features and hide your flaws and secure a look that will knock off everyone’s feet.

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