Project Ronin

Project Ronin is on a mission to transform cancer care by helping doctors and patients make better-informed decisions about treatment. Our cancer intelligence software provides all the information physicians need, in one place, to assess patient care options and take action. We use predictive technology to present doctors with different scenarios that can help them further optimize care. And, we bring the patient voice to the physician by allowing patients to report symptoms, side effects, and disease progression information via our mobile app, enabling real-time symptom management and true shared decision making with the care team.

Project Ronin was founded by Dave Hodgson, one of the world’s leading architects of smart technology for doctors and patients; renowned cancer expert Dr. David Agus; serial health entrepreneur Rowan Chapman, PhD; and tech visionary Larry Ellison.

Hospital & Health Care
51-200 employees
Founded 2018


The Ronin team is one on a singular mission to dramatically improve cancer care by giving doctors and patients the tools they need to make better decisions about treatment.


1. Be an owner.

We all shape the future of the company and its business success. We engage fully every day and lead from any chair. We’re focused on the opportunity and feel responsible for the long-term success of our mission.

2. One team, same dream.

We support each other unconditionally and celebrate each other’s victories, big or small. We rally around our mission and keep it at the center of our work together.

3. Navigate ambiguity with data.

We consider the whole story, validate our assumptions and focus on solving the right problems. We believe there is truth in data.

4. Service to others, urgently.

We feel it’s our responsibility to drive meaningful change in a complex disease. We must realize the potential to positively affect the lives of millions of patients, families, and clinicians.

5. Always be designing.

We fear the known and embrace the unknown. We iterate constantly, learn with humility, and build with an open mind. We’re not afraid to seek out feedback and question the status quo.

6. Inspire authenticity.

We believe in a safe, inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inspires people to bring their whole selves to work. We share ideas openly and candidly: hearing each other's unique point of view, leading to greater impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our culture of belonging

To tackle one of humanity's most challenging diseases, we need perspectives from all walks of life. We intentionally foster a culture of belonging where all are welcome. Each of us has a unique voice and an individual viewpoint that can bring new insight to our team.


Live where you love

Ronin is a remote-first company

Your time to relax

Flexible vacation & 11 paid company holidays plus a week off during the winter

Keeping you sharp

All the stipends for learning & development

The care you need

100% employee coverage for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance


Together, even when apart

We've created a culture of connectedness that reaches from California to Connecticut. Our team-based environment works together to craft incredible cancer technology.  As we build best-in-class technology, we want the best-in-class people.

Opportunities at Project Ronin