Supercell is a global game company based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. Since our launch in 2010, we've brought five games to the global market – Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans and Hay Day. If you love games and are passionate about playing and crafting them, and you’re looking for a job that provides you ownership and independence, you’re in the right place. We’ve built a company of proactive, independent teams with the freedom to do what they think is best for their players, our games and the company at large. We are individuals from over 40 different nationalities who believe in transparency, trust and the power of spending time with one another.

Helsinki, Southern Finland
Computer Games
201-500 employees
Founded 2010

Our dream is to create great games for as many people as possible that are played for years and remembered forever.


Supercell was founded on the idea of giving game developers and teams the independence to decide what kinds of games they make and how they choose to make them. Over a decade and five global games later, our dream still stands: to create great games that as many people as possible play for years and that are remembered forever.


We believe games have the power to bring people around the world together and closer to each other. We work to create new, innovative, memorable experiences no one has played before. This is why we try to design games that excite wide and diverse player communities as well as to expand the audience for otherwise smaller “niche” game concepts.

There’s no simple recipe or magic formula to achieve our dream. What we do know, however, is that without players Supercell doesn’t exist. Creating lovable worlds and characters that players want to come back to over and over again is at the heart of how we design and operate our games.

In the end, the question we ask ourselves is:   "Are we building something that could be important?"

Diversity & Inclusion

Today, there’s 400 of us working across our four offices. What’s cool though is that these people come from over 40 different countries, representing 40+ nationalities, which helps us build a truly multicultural and global environment.

Diversity is central to how our teams are built and necessary for our teams to succeed. We believe that a diverse team and a diverse game make a positive impact on the industry and the world. People seeing themselves reflected in different types of media sends a message to underrepresented people that they are seen, valued, and cherished..

Diverse teams also create a sense of belonging and enable everyone on the team to feel safe enough to speak up with questions, concerns, or mistakes without fear, regardless of their personal background, tenure or role. 


Luring you in with glitter, glamour, and gems is not what we seek to do. We develop Supercell as an employer for you to do your best work – to call this the best experience in your professional life. We want you to fully enjoy your time here, so we structure our compensation and benefits to serve this purpose.

We start with perceiving you as a human being, not a resource.

Figuring out the best way to support everyone’s holistic well-being is a never-ending journey of listening, learning, and developing. An extensive health care plan is a no-brainer for us, but so is a culture where we are encouraged to take care of ourselves above everything else.

Quality work and creativity need space, time, and relaxation. Resting and taking time off when needed are in your hands. Adhering to our Finnish roots, we take the entire month of July off, and we have an open vacation policy. 

We’ve also designed a paid sabbatical program so you can extend your summer or winter break. Whether you spend that time visiting your family overseas – or get as far away from them as possible – we also offer extended parental leave.

Your personal development is personal, but all of us become better with the help and support of others. Our coaching services are easily accessible, and our continued educational support is generous.

Salary ranges are based on your background, skills, and experience. Your financial compensation model also consists of an annual bonus, RSU equity, and 401k.

Our ambition is to build the right environment where you have nothing in your way to create the best work.


We default to trust.

Supercell is made up of small, independent teams trusted to work together in pursuit of our dream: to create games for as many people as possible that are played for years and remembered forever. Each team has the freedom to pursue this dream as they see fit. It’s up to them to decide what is best for Supercell, and for our players. We trust each other, even when we disagree.

Traditionally companies use management layers and formal processes to make sure the company achieves its goals.  We replaced this with trust, and we place enormous trust in each individual and team.  We do this because we believe it makes the work more rewarding, resulting in happier, more motivated people that execute faster and without fear.

Your colleagues will trust you to do what makes sense and what is right for Supercell.

Social impact

We believe that whatever your business, you should conduct it in the most responsible way possible. We try to live this out in our everyday actions and make it a part of our DNA, whether through investing in environmental solutions, supporting our player communities or funding education innovation around the world for the next generation of game makers. We’ve been incredibly lucky with our success and as a leader in the industry we want our games and our company to be remembered for the right reasons.  

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