NetApp makes data infrastructure intelligent to turn a world of disruption into opportunities for every customer. Our portfolio is comprised of 3 Strategic Areas; unified data storage, integrated data services and cloud-ops solutions. We believe in collaborative success - tap into the diverse expertise of our people, partners, and communities to make a tangible business and social impact. Source: Corporate narrative presentations

San Jose, California
Information Technology and Services
10,000+ employees
Founded 1992



Our purpose is to create a world of opportunity for our customers. Only NetApp provides a silo-less approach combining:

  • Unified data storage with the only enterprise-grade storage service natively embedded in the world’s biggest clouds

  • Integrated data services with built in data resilience and policy-based governance

  • CloudOps solutions with AI-powered optimization of on-prem and cloud infrastructure.


Our company values — put the customer at the center, care for each other and our communities, build belonging every day, embrace a growth mindset, think and act like owners – inform every decision we make, from customer interactions and social causes to designing solutions and supporting our employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating differences, embracing new solutions.

To our NetApp® team, “walking the talk" means we must hold ourselves accountable in our work toward greater demographic, physical and cognitive diversity. Embracing a culture of diversity requires that we create opportunities for equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging (DEI&B) every day. And the culture of inclusion at NetApp fosters a strong community that’s empowered to innovate. Our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals are a continuous process of self-reflection and growth, to build belonging within our culture, values and business practices.


Healthcare programs

NetApp's U.S. healthcare options offer competitive, comprehensive coverage for you and your family.

  • National medical plans: a high-deductible plan linked to a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account and a conventional PPO

  • Regional medical plan: an HMO for those who reside in Northern California

  • Expert advice from world-renowned doctors through our medical second opinion program

  • National dental & vision plans

  • Robust wellness program

Globally NetApp offers:

Insurance and income protection
We offer company provided life, accidental death and dismemberment and disability insurance programs. For additional peace of mind, we also offer supplemental insurance for you and your dependents.

Financial and savings programs
At NetApp we offer multiple financial and savings programs: flexible spending accounts, a student debt benefit, a stock purchase plan, and a competitive 401(k) retirement plan with a company match. Our 401(k) plan gives you more options to maximize your retirement savings with pre-tax, Roth and after-tax contributions. We want to help you prepare by capitalizing on your total compensation and helping you save and prepare for your future.

Work-life support & more
We care about you, your family, and your total wellbeing. That’s why NetApp provides a wide range of wellbeing programs and tools to ensure you and your family have the resources you need when you need them. We offer an emotional wellbeing resource through Lyra, as well as programs like back up child and elder care, educational assistance, and legal services for you, your dependents and even your parents! NetApp also offers a variety of time off programs to help support different events that may come up in your life, or when you need to take a break.

Inclusive hiring practices
This standard focuses on the way organizations ensure fair and equal access to their opportunities, and a positive experience for all applicants.

  • Recruitment strategy to increase and/or maintain the representation of women

  • Formalized processes & strategies to support diverse and inclusive hiring

  • Formalized policy in place to accommodate or adjust for the needs of individuals during interviews

  • Inclusive hiring training for managers

Shared caring responsibility
This standard focuses on how organizations foster a culture that promotes and supports equal and shared responsibility for parents and carers — regardless of gender.

  • Gender neutral parental leave entitlements

  • Contribution to employee pension / superannuation / 401(k) plans

  • Contribution to employee pension / superannuation / 401(k) while individuals are on parental leave

  • Fertility and parental support options

Inclusive and anti-discriminatory culture
This standard focuses on how organizations remove social, physical, or mental barriers that can prevent individuals from feeling comfortable, confident, or able to fully contribute to the workplace.

Inclusive culture:

  • Allyship programs

  • Assessing alignment with internal values as part of performance review

  • Celebrations of different cultural events and Culture champions or other staff-led initiatives

  • Recognition of behaviour reflecting internal values (e.g. awards)

  • Regular team building initiatives

  • Diversity and inclusion education and training programs

  • Supporting the inclusion of individuals with visible or invisible disabilities

  • Preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace and managing racism in the workplace

Career development:

  • Access to training and education resources, career coaching and mentoring programs

  • Facilitating internal secondments or internships in new business functions

  • Financial contributions towards external qualifications and industry conferences and/or events

  • Graduate or trainee programs

  • Formal performance review processes

  • Individual career development incentives and rewards

  • Performance bonuses and Grade based improvements to salary or title

  • High performer incentive schemes and loyalty schemes rewarding time served in the business


We have a history of making our own rules – in a good way. That’s because we approach challenges with fresh eyes. As a result, you’ll find no cookie cutters in our kit – but we do like cookies. Customers say we push the limits beyond what they thought was possible. It’s a testament to our diversity, openness, and collaboration. Read more about our Employee Business Resources Groups.

Women in Technology (WIT)
NetApp Women in Technology (WIT) fosters a sense of community by providing a forum at NetApp for mentoring, networking, communication, and professional development. We expose women to career opportunities in all fields and influence our corporate culture to further embrace diversity in the workplace. 

NetApp Network of Blacks in Tech (NNBT)
NetApp Network of Blacks in Tech shapes strategy that increases visibility and efforts focused on diverse representation, retention, community, and customer outreach. We create an environment for Black employees that fosters career growth, supports professional development, and advances the NetApp culture.

Proud @ NetApp
Proud promotes a safe, open, and inclusive culture that empowers the LGBTQ community and allies. We provide a learning environment for employees on LGBTQ matters and workplace policies.

NetAbled provides advocacy and support for people with invisible and visible disabilities. We partner with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and other enterprise groups to guide inclusive practices that promote equity, accessibility and education. Our vision is a more inclusive and accessible organization where all employees can thrive. 

NetApp Veterans (NetVets)
NetVets provides career and professional opportunities to attract, recognize, advance, and retain veteran talent at NetApp. We apply veterans’ experience and leadership skills to drive innovation, increase engagement, and expand a community of veterans and their allies to create a great place for military personnel to work.

Unidos @ NetApp
Unidos at NetApp encourages diverse thought perspectives, and values of our Latin American & Hispanic employees, allies, partners, and the community through programs and activities that promote: culture, professional development, networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. We foster the cultural diversity in our communities to create an inclusive environment that contributes to the success of NetApp’s business value and operational excellence.

"We believe that the strongest and most creative teams have the best talent, are unified in purpose and diverse in thought and background representing the customers and communities we serve."
George Kurian
"As we strive to be the BEST of ourselves in our workplace – the various EBRGs promote an ecosystem where each one of us can thrive and be successful. NetAbled provides an opportunity to discuss about both visible and invisible disabilities and how we can make NetApp a truly inclusive place for all."
Sujoy Das
"The workplace culture at NetApp is very diverse. The teams are always encouraging and there is a growth mindset all around. There is a great work dynamic with the people that I work with, and it is always very interesting. "
Ella Crane
EMEA Finance

Social impact

Giving back is kind of our thing

NetApp envisions a more sustainable and equitable world for all. Our social impact programs enable the company and its employees to be actively involved in creating a world where all people and communities are able to thrive. Across the globe, we are finding ways to improve the lives of those in the communities where NetApp employees live and work, especially in the areas of data literacy, food insecurity, homelessness, and disaster response and recovery.

NetApp Serves is a portfolio of programs that enable employees to use their time, talents, and treasure to support causes they care about through paid time off to volunteer and a corporate matching donation. Employees are encouraged to volunteer during the workweek by taking advantage of 40 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off so they may use their time and talents to impact their Favourite charities and local communities  

Opportunities at NetApp