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  • Young Living ladies out there?
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    Young Living ladies out there?

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    There are CryptoChicks and Crypto Boutiques but the real, real money is being raked by the old boy network of savvy investors, male entrepreneurs and programmers. Of course there are few female corporate managers and women involved in Bitcoin/Blockchain technology, but most girls, housewives, grandmothers, and other female species will see not one red cent and will never profit from this mega crypto wealth. You may ask why? Why in the 21st century women are totally missing The Blockchain Revolution. I hope these and other pertinent question will be discussed during upcoming Mogul Women in Crypto event organized by our Tiffany Pham. Thank you Tiffany for organizing the event and hopefully my job will not be only to count the big boys profits but to participate in them as well. However since this is a tax season I will be probably sitting home doing the taxes. Please don't forget about your CryptoGirl CPA and any business sent my way is appreciated. Thank you ladies and please think about my full CPA services during this upcoming season. Thank You! CryptoGirlCPA

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