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    OK real options!  (I have professional knowledge here...but who cares).  Truth is m YOU have to care about YOUR body,...IT'S YOURS.  stop copping out with the "I'm lazy".  While it is good to know oneself  that doesn't give you an excuse not to take charge..  You can either take the easy way out and do nothing OR you can be proactive and do small things first like - brace, practice good posture (focus) a certain amount of time per day - 5 min then 10 then...  It's up to YOU to take charge of your body, and if you want to be lazy...then you will be a hump backed crone.  YOU CAN DO IT!  or not!  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

    For some things there is no "easy way out".  Hump back could become a trend...OR NOT!    Poor posture has results.  If you're happy with those results....keep poor posture.  If not...grow up and practice good posture so you don't slouch.  If it is help.

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