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    Flexibility isn’t just the latest fad, a buzzword or a ‘nice-to-have’.

    It’s crucial for companies wanting to survive in the digital age.

    Flexibility isn’t only about working ‘part-time’ or ‘remotely’.

    It’s a mind-set.

    For people, having the opportunity to work flexibly can really make a difference.

    For companies, opening their structures is the most powerful lever for true innovation and change.

    Let’s start TODAY.


    Imagine a world in which people achieve more with less (but cleverer!) work.

    In times of hot topics like ‘new work’ and the ‘future of work’, we do our best to practise what we preach within our own company. How can we otherwise be both authentic and efficient in helping and inspiring organisations to become more flexible from within?

    Tandemploy started with a strong vision: we wanted to make our small but significant contribution to turning the working world into a more flexible and life-friendly place. We wanted to foster a kind of work that really fits into life – and not the other way around!

    Our vision of the working world – this is our strong belief – is not only more humane but also renders it more productive, contributing to an economy thriving more than ever.

    This vision still guides us in everything we say and do.


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