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You Need to Travel the World. Here’s Why.

Nothing beats travelling to a foreign country. Sure, your homeland has plenty of great things to do, but world travel strikes chords you’d never be able to even imagine without experiencing them firsthand.

Why leave home? What makes the hassle of passport applications and price of plane tickets worth it? Let’s count some ways.

Get Some Culture

The first big thing you’ll notice when you leave home is the culture shift. Every place is different so it’s tough to generalize, but no matter where you go you’ll see, hear, and learn things you’d never experience in a million years back home.

Check out some local music, lose yourself among the wonders of an art museum, or catch a theater production. Life’s a meal, and every new culture is a curious new dish. Dig in!

Experience Unique Natural Beauty

Nature is nothing but one-of-a-kind wonders. The endlessly fresh beauty available to the eyes of the world traveller is astonishing. Why not check out Mount Fuji? Or Angel Falls? The Ngorongoro Conservation Area? You can’t get those at home! 

Nature lets you step outside of time, your personal life, and even human comprehension. And that’s what vacation is all about. You’ll return home as if waking from vivid dreams. 

Practice a Second Language

Learning a new language builds brain activity and changes the way you think. With each additional language, you’ll have access to new books, new movies, even a whole new internet.

And there’s no better way to learn than immersing yourself in that language. Dust off your old high school German or Korean textbooks and expand your mind. 

Meet New People

Different places, different people. Engaging with people from cultures other than your own is a great way to learn new ways to see the world and think about life. Plus it’s always great to have new friends and contacts. If you make some friends while abroad, you might even be able to return the favor later when they visit your country! International friendship keeps life fresh and interesting. 

Break Out of a Rut

Endless routine can kill your mind. Novelty, challenges, and interesting new things keep you young, smart, active, and healthy. When you travel abroad, everything is interesting, even running to the local grocery store to buy lunch. When even the change in your pocket is stimulating, you know something’s going right. International travel is a perfect way to rid yourself of repetition and boredom.

Eat New Food

Food. Everyone loves it. And no matter where you go, the local people know a few tricks in the kitchen that will blow your mind. Surprising combinations of flavors, textures, and heat will permanently change the way you eat.

Be careful about what you drink, though. Laws vary from place to place, and different types of alcohol can have unpredictable effects. And never get behind the wheel while intoxicated

What Are You Waiting For? Travel!

Everyone who travel loves it. Hit the internet, ask some friends and family, and pick a country you’re interested in. There are so many wonderful places to visit that you’ll never run out. When you travel the world, everything changes. You’ll see, hear, and experience an innumerable variety of incredible things. So get out and do it! 

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