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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Rosemary Nonny Knight Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.
7mo Story
You Are NOT Your Crazy Negative Thoughts

One thing you must realise is that you are not your negative thoughts...

They are simply puffs of wind passing through your brain and you get a choice as to whether to hold onto them or not.

I get it - You have been holding on to them for a long time now.  I did that too!

I remember long days of feeling down and in the dumps, unable to move forward thinking that I was doomed and stuck...

And then I invested in my personal development and realised that I did not have to take ownership of any random thought that came to play, I could swat it away...

Yep, to begin with, I had to swat almost constantly and there are days even now when I do that...

But overall, I discovered I had a choice...

A thought did not have to take root unless I let it.

Same goes to you!

You can choose to take responsibility for what is allowed into your head...

You can choose to swat things away and where they are super-persistent, you can choose to replace them with more empowering thoughts over and over and OVER again...

It just takes discipline.

Imagine a world where you are living life doing what you love...

Imagine a world where you are making money from a place of flow...

Imagine a world where all your customers, clients, recruits are awesome and they buy or do the work easily...

Imagine a world where your bank account fills and fills and fills and you get to invest and grow your wealth even more...

Imagine a world where you are surrounded by friends that support and build you up...

Imagine a world where you get to travel when you want to, taking your family for the ride...

Imagine everything you desire turning up in your life...

OK, did you imagine it?

Or did you find yourself thinking 'That is impossible!', "She is scamming me"?

Did you allow the negative thought to stay?

Or did you choose to imagine what I am proposing?

Because honey, if you allowed the negative thought to remain and you may even call it being realistic (I call it cynical!), then guess what?!  You will not even allow yourself to do the work to create what I propose...

Because you have taken on a thought that says it is impossible and a pipe dream and so, subconsciously you will think, "what the heck is the point of even trying to create that, when I know it will never happen?!"

And so you design a life you don't want because you allowed a stupid thought to take residence that you could have replaced with something more empowering.

And for you, the mavericks, who decide to dream a bigger dream than most...


As long as you get into action and follow those intuitive nudges, then success is inevitable!

Realise that you are free to change your mind at any time!

It may not feel like it, it may feel like nothing good happens to you, it may feel like you don't want to dream something you may not reach...

It may feel whatever it feels...


So choose thoughts that HELP you, not hinder you!

Why the heck would you want to be the only thing in your way?!

Makes NO sense, right?!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

PS - I am giving away something pretty amazing at the moment - The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM book - Live free, wealthy and on purpose - How to stop living just for the weekend and start doing what you want, when you want!

This is one of my Amazon Bestselling books and I love it the most - It talks about all aspects of freedom in ways that you will probably ot have thought of before.  If you are a purpose-driven type who knows that youa re born for more but for whatever reasons you feel stuck in place, settling for a life you do not want to settle for, then honey, this book is for you!

Go grab it at


No exagerration - you will come away from the book a different person, unable to return to a mundane existence so only read it, if you really want change AND FREEDOM!

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Report this post
Rosemary Nonny Knight
Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.

Hi, I am Rosemary and I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It [...]

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