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Ruth Glendinning
9mo Austin, TX, United States Story
You Are More Than Enough

International Women's Day 2017

You are far more valuable then you have been led to believe. 

There's nothing wrong with you, there's everything wrong with the system that tells you that you'll never get it right, that you're not enough:

"Why humble yourself to a system that sets limits for you? What is the point of being “humble” and, therefore “classy”, or “elegant”, and “gracious” when that system doesn’t give you a seat at the table during meetings to decide whether or not you are “gaming” their system? Why not appoint yourself the head of a new system on top of the very foundation of the system that was designed to remind you that you can only rise so high?" ~ Lainey

I love this message. It's what we all need to hear today and every day: you are not only enough, you are more than enough.

Love yourself, love each other, love the world. Get to work.

Jennifer Louden video Enoughness

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