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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Rosemary Nonny Knight Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.
9mo Story
You Are Getting Older. Are You Doing The Work & Making The Money On Your Terms

I was actually going to title this something about – DEATH IS COMING.  ARE YOU READY?

But I thought that might be too morbid and so I changed it a little.   I am not sure if that was a wimpy decision or not.  Probably wimpy 

Whichever way, I want you to think.

BEcause it seems to me that you are just allowing your fear to rule and you are doing it passively.

You think it is normal because that is the way everyone lives around  you.  They all do the same sort of thing, think the same sort of way,  have the same sort of things and you think that that is normal.  And  because you do a little more than the people around you, you think you  are doing okay.

The thing is, you know you are born for more…

You know you have always felt somewhat different from the masses…

You dream of impacting and changing a lot of lives with your music, art, product, service, books…

But you are getting older and your life is so full of  responsibilities that you don’t want and so you are not doing the things  you feel called to or even the things that you dreamt one day, you  would do.

One day always becomes NO DAY when you are living passively through fear.

Today, I woke up and someone I only just learnt about, had died.

And it got me thinking about the fact that life can be snatched away. SUDDENLY!

You live in this body that has a sell-by date and sometimes you live as though you will live forever but honey, you won’t.

Is the work you are doing today, the work you want to be known for?

Are you designing the life you actually want?

Are you sharing your voice boldly with the world?

Or are you caving?

Taking the path of least resistance?

Trying to appease the masses by staying as one of the crowd?

Letting your own dreams fade away as you get eaten up by the demands on you?

Telling yourself that ONE DAY, you will do the things you really dream of doing?

This person that died today, I did not know him well at all and yet,  it was his work that drew me into his world.  The work he had created  and put out there to call in his people and I imagine that that work  will continue to change lives and call in people even though he has  passed on.

His legacy will live on.

I know you want to experience the joy of seeing your work impact and change lives RIGHT NOW, right?

But are you putting that work out in the world?

Or are you holding back?

Playing small?

Doing what the masses want but denying what your soul needs?

Will you be happy if your life ended now that you had made your mark and at least, started to do your real work?

Be honest with yourself.

This is your one life as far as you are aware!

And Spirit has given you specific strengths, specific dreams – WILL YOU USE THEM?

Will you wake up and really start to live?

Will you make the money you want to make?

Create the products you want to create?

Call in the people you really want to work with?

Will you do that?

Or will you keep playing the small game?

Liking my posts but doing nothing to win in your own life?

Surely it is time to wake up!

To LIVE, really LIVE!

Will you?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

PS – Whatever your business is, whatever results you want, there are 4  simple actions that accelerate you towards wealth, success, fame,  fortune.  Without these 4 actions, you will literally be overwhelmed  with all the things you COULD do and honey, confusion does not get you  anywhere.  So I put together this short report and I am giving it away  for free – It is the 4 Simple Actions That Lead To Rapid Online Business  Growth.  Download it at

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Report this post
Rosemary Nonny Knight
Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.

Hi, I am Rosemary and I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It [...]

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