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over 2 years Story
World’s 10 Least Travelled Countries That Must Be in Your Bucket List

The world is a big and amazing place with so much still unexplored. Today, there are still so many beautiful countries that rarely see any tourists. Some countries deliberately do it, so they can be left alone, while others simply have not seen many tourists, resulting in not much being written about them. It’s a simple a question of awareness. Therefore, its time the much deserved spotlight was shined on them. Here’s a list of world’s 10 least travelled countries that must be in your bucket list.


If you want to explore the best of Europe, minus the crowds, Liechtenstein is the place to be. This small yet gorgeous country has amazing mountain scenery that can be explored by mountain biking, hiking, and other mountain sports. The only reason why people don’t know about this place is because most prefer to go to the neighbouring countries, Austria and Switzerland. However, it’s better to head down the less trodden path than frequent places that have already been discovered.

Solomon Islands

Experience the best of nature at Solomon Islands. This least travelled country has some of the most amazing adventures on offer. Here, you can get up close to volcanoes, waterfalls, secluded beaches, lagoons, and thick rain forests. This is a great place to get back to nature. So, skip the neighbouring tourist hotspots, and head to the peace, calm and seclusion of Solomon Islands.


Located in the Pacific, this paradise is virtually undiscovered. In fact, getting here is also a little difficult from most places, but it is relatively easy from Fiji. Kiribati’s tourism is slowly picking up, and is predicted to become a tourist haven in the future. However, now is the time to enjoy this secluded destination full of gorgeous beaches, and warm, beautiful people.


With just 1000 plus tourists each year, Tuvalu is one of the least visited countries in the world For years, tourists have been missing out this hidden paradise, complete with 9 small islands with mesmerising beaches. Tuvalu is located between Hawaii and Australia, and is the perfect getaway island vacation full of utter relaxation. You can catch the small plane from Fiji that comes here twice a week.

Sierra Leone 

If you have seen the film Blood Diamond, minus the war and bloodshed, you can see that Sierra Leone is absolutely beautiful. Today, the country is at peace, and as a tourist, you can enjoy the amazing weather (it is always pleasant), nature, and an English speaking population. Get here before tourism takes over, and the place becomes crowded.


Though this country is hot, it is still a great place to tour. Why? Because, each region has something to offer. There are mountain ranges in the North, and beaches and volcanic plateaus in the Centre and the South. Africa's lowest point, Lake Assal (157 metres below sea level) is also located here. So, for an adventurous vacation, head to Djibouti.


Another small European country, Moldova is a small haven located between Ukraine and Romania. This country was once occupied by the Soviet Republic. There are many medieval castles and fortresses, and also Orheiul Vechi, a place where there are still buildings belonging to the Palaeolithic Era. Therefore, explore and enjoy and make Moldova your tiny European escape.

East Timor

If you love diving, then East Timor is a must-visit. You will have to hunt for a flight to this place, but on arrival, you will be given a visa. Yes, getting a visa here is a cake-walk. It was once occupied by Indonesia, but gained freedom in 1999. Owing to it being such a young nation, tourism is yet to pick up. But those who know about this place swear by its beauty. Getting around is also quite easy. You can explore a lot in the short while you are here.


Mongolia was once one of the greatest empires in the world. But today, it is one of the least visited countries in the world. Though it has a growing economy, most of the country is arid, and 30% population is nomadic. However, there’s a lot natural beauty that can be explored. It’s cuisine is also gaining a lot of popularity, owing to the use dairy and meat. The weather too is sunny, with clear skies most days of the year.


This landlocked country is completely located within the Himalayan Mountain Range. However, owing to the amazing natural beauty, tourism is growing at a brisk pace. There are many monasteries, and wildlife sanctuaries, but the main attractions here are mountain sports like trekking and hiking. Bhutan is also home to the Gangkhar Puensum, one of the few unconquered mountains in the world. So, before the country gets populated with tourists, head to Bhutan and explore its amazing adventures.

So, if you are looking for a quiet and secluded vacation, head to the above mentioned countries to truly get away from the world.

About Author:
Akshay Koranne is a professional travel blogger working for New Year Party in Dubai. Apart from blogging, he likes travelling across the world. 

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  • Doreen Henricks 77
    over 2 years ago

    Had the luxury of visiting Kiribati in 2002.  Gorgeous, peaceful.  I loved it.

    Had the luxury of visiting Kiribati in 2002.  Gorgeous, peaceful.  I loved it.

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