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WORDVICE essay correction sample for studying abroad-SOP

Today, we will introduce samples of popular English essays and resumes and user reviews. Please review the format of the document, corrections, comments from the editor, and customer feedback, and use it for comparison with other companies' services.

Study Abroad SOP Correction-Customer Review

The following reviews were received from customers who used sample calibration.

Not only to correct the grammatical errors, I also carefully wrote one by one why I changed it, and I felt the height of the quality. I am very happy because I proposed a more concise and natural expression. In addition, I will use it if there is an opportunity.

(A. Mr. S / university student)

WORDVICE's English correction is a service that aims to provide professional precise English essay writing service proofreading and comments beyond automatic proofreading and cheap grammar check services. The editor's careful correction and commentary which considered the ease of text transmission was especially satisfying.

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Correction sample of overseas university and graduate school SOP

Let's take a look at the complete document after the actual proofreading.


WORDVICE calibration is performed using the word change history recording function. Therefore, in the file that has been proofed and received, all correction items are displayed with color and color letters, as in the image above. These changes can be used as a text or deleted with one click, making editing after proofreading easier than rewriting the original.

The comment on the right is added when there is a part that the editor in particular wants to supplement, a suggestion for rewriting, or a review or attention regarding the content. Let's take a closer look at the comments.

Detailed Comments from the Editor

At the beginning of the document, an Overall comment from the editor is added. You will be able to give a brief explanation of your impressions on the entire document, the parts that were proofread intensively, and how to handle the post-correction documents. You can also see the name of the editor in charge here, so if you want to designate the same editor next time, please refer to here.


In addition, comments from the editor have been added as appropriate regarding calibration items. When editors working on correction of numerous admissions documents read the manuscript, if they find it unclear as English, they may also add comments asking for ideas and tips for improvement, as shown below. There is. Of course, you can use the direct message function to answer questions from the editor, and even after proofreading, you can ask questions about the meaning of the manuscript and questions about proofreading matters. You can also order recalibration at a discounted rate after correcting the manuscript.

If you would like to be re-calibrated after correcting the entire manuscript, you can use it at a 30% discount rate. (Second-look editing service)

The Premium Essay Correction Service allows you to recalibrate again and again for 14 days at no additional charge.


Frequently Asked Questions about English Essays and Resumes

Can you respond to the essay character limit?

Most essays for admission have a word limit of around 500 words per theme. The word bias is capable of reducing the number of words up to 10% of the original. Further reductions are not supported, as it is necessary to make major changes to the content and structure of the writing, such as scraping the idea of the manuscript itself. In addition, we do not respond to requests to "want to increase the number of words" from the viewpoint of guaranteeing the easiness of transmission of documents, completeness and originality.

I do not know how to write essays and resumes ...

We can not support writing in a consulting format, but resources provide individual guides for common applications and major university essays such as Harvard. Please be aware that we can not teach the essay and resume format itself, as the required format differs depending on the university and the place of submission.

2018-2019 Common Application Essay Tips

What the world's hard-earned universities demand for application essays

Can you rate the essay content?

In the regular service, we will give advice only on writing, but in the premium essay correction service, we will evaluate the conformity to the given theme, the ease of communication, the logic, etc. with a review letter and a checklist.

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