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Ruth Glendinning
7mo Austin, TX, United States Story
Women's Work

The phrase I've heard from men most often of late: Women are going to save us.

The phrase I've heard from women most often of late: We need to be paid.

The work that's done by women in our society is undervalued, though essential to our quality of life.  It's categorized as soft skills or emotional labor, and, as such, is often uncompensated. Our career choices are seen as work that's part of a woman's natural interest and, apparently, there's some weird Puritan math formula that disallows fair financial compensation if you like your work. 

Some examples:

  • Home healthcare, healthcare for the elderly and disabled, and healthcare more generally are consistently among the fastest growing industries in the country, particularly as the American population ages; public schools, particularly in working class neighborhoods, are perpetually understaffed. And feminists have long emphasized the importance of these kinds of work, which are too often overlooked and underpaid. Now feminists should lead the way in articulating how “women’s work” is central to an ecologically sustainable, socially just society. via Feministing
  • The caring professions—such as teaching, nursing, and domestic work—were considered to be women's work as well, and correspondingly paid less than their more prestigious cousins. via In These Times
  • Because instead of labor, we’re taught that the work we do to care for others is an act of love which must be given freely, even when it comes at the cost of our own well-being and self-expression. via EverydayFeminism 

So, artists, social entrepreneurs, change agents and anyone who doesn't conform to the linear path (male or female) find themselves in financial risk and told that it's their own fault for being there. 

In my own case, I've been in a stressful financial position for 15 years as I've held the vision of the Legacy Arts Incubator, which is only now being recognized as the solution that's needed. I'm fortunate that I was able to hold on during that time, and it makes me wonder who else had the right idea at the wrong time, but didn't have the resources to bring it forward. 

Though there are still moments of doubt & darkness, I am committed to not only bringing forward the opportunities for which I've been holding the space all these years, but also to do so for others. 

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