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Tokie Laotan Brown
Tokie Laotan Brown Conservation Architectural Technologist
8mo Ireland Story
Women Fund Homes

What really is empowerment? Empowerment to me means, a tool in which we can define what is relevant to us as humans, what can enable us become our greatest selves. A Phoenix rising from the ashes. Every time we fail, we rise again, every time we look for purpose, we find it within ourselves. Empowerment also means economic freedom. The right to live and do what we love with monetary means as a tool. Empowerment also means we as women, as a collective, ensuring our economic success for our next generation. Empowerment also means anything we want it to be after all it is but a tool.

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Tokie Laotan Brown
Conservation Architectural Technologist

Women Fund Homes UK and Ireland

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