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#WisdomWednesday w social entrepreneur, filmmaker & Author Tess Cacciatore

Tess Cacciatore is a social entrepreneur filmmaker and content creator dedicated to programming that paves pathways for peace, change for equality, while serving her purpose in life to create advocacy for human rights issues.

Tess is an award-winning producer for the past 20+ years in the areas of entertainment, technology and philanthropy.

Tess has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, justice, and equality around the globe. She has traveled the United States and abroad as a humanitarian documentary producer and activist, while conducting empowerment and mentorship programs to empower people and to eradicate unjust systems that are a plight to humans, animals and the environment. Tess uses her voice as a vehicle to bring awareness and activate people to take a stand for making changes in the world.

Some of her more notable efforts include raising funds to feed 1.3 million children annually through social media and micro donations (FEED 333 from 2004-2007) building 38 homes in Sri Lanka after the 2005 Tsunami, creating the YOUR VOICE YOUR CHOICE global campaign to assist young leaders in Africa, along with humanitarian collaborations that include delivering safe drinking water filters, music instruments for students, beds and nets to protect children from malaria, and humanitarian relief in United States, Thailand, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, and more.

Check Cacciatore out on CBS Los Angeles below:

“Homeless to the White House,” tells the tale of Tess’ travels through six continents, searching for the meaning of life.

Also, to be released in 2018 is a collection of stories from women who have headed from adversity and abuse. “Victorious” contains heart-pounding stories from everyday women who had the passion and courage to make a change, while also finding a way to save their lives. Reveal to Heal – Share Your Story!

Tess joins OnMogul today to share exclusively with our readers her story, purpose and drive behind the many projects she is working on:

When I began writing “Homeless to the White House” I had no idea where this journey would take me.

I began writing during a landing at the Los Angeles Airport, after a long and painful trip back from Africa. I was carrying the load of a broken heart. I thought my journaling would give me the freedom to heal and that I could quickly get through this process. However, I had to write for eight more years until I got to the point where I felt the courage to finally share my story. This was a very private experience that I eventually decided to take out to the world. This became my sole purpose of empowering others to share their story as well.

I had no idea the floodgates that would open when I invited my heart and soul to unveil and reveal. I traced my life back to my beginning, to illustrate the power of how words and actions during our childhood can craft our future to be laden with drama, or lifted in love.

I believe that we have been programmed from an early age; from our parents, siblings, friends, classmates, a set of beliefs that gives us the foundation of who we think we are. We forget our beauty and the perfection of our imperfections. We forget our purpose in life. I believe that we are taught by our surroundings how to believe in ourselves, or not. The stage is set from an early age what we attract into our lives. The purpose for me with GWEN Books and Global Womens Empowerment Network is to help “transform lives through the power of storytelling.” This is the time when we are all searching for answers and for tools to get through the tumultuous times that we are living.

The every day stresses of surviving life can sometimes be too much for anyone to bare.  I believe it is imperative that we surrender and forgive ourselves of our past, so that we have the best way to move forward and to live with grace and ease.

While traveling around the world, many people have shared their story with me. I have often felt that my story pales in comparison to what others have had to suffer. However, the answer came to me that I can help others to share their story through the power of my own book being released and by building a platform for others to share their stories.

During these times of #MeToo, I had my own story to bare. I am proud to be a survivor of many abuses in my life, so my mission became to find ways to help others, as life is about being in collaboration with other like-minded people and organizations.

Speaking of “like-minded” I think one of my best growing and learning pains has been where I have had to face those who were not like-minded, but actually the opposite. How can we join forces with those with opposite belief systems. This is where I had to learn about clarity, boundaries, judgment.

Clarity To be clear of who I am and to not waver my core beliefs, no matter what others may say.

Boundaries To make sure that others’ agendas are not forced upon me for their personal gain. Therefore, eliminating abuse from my life.

Judgment  To not have judgment of others is easy to me, as I believe that we are all one. I am very accepting of all races, cultures, creeds. However, the hardest judgment for me is how I judge myself.

 I had to realize the importance of my journey was to heal myself first, so that I could then offer a place for others to heal. The old adage of putting the oxygen mask on others’ before helping others began to ring true.

This is also the time when we can join forces with those who might not have the same opinion and to use this as a time to learn from one another.  I have begun a social media movement #Reveal2Heal where we provide a platform and publishing company (GWEN Books) to understand the value of how we can dive deep into our lives and unveil our past to heal.

I had to peel back the layers of pain and embarrassment, to the core of my being, so that I could find ways to forgive and surrender to move forward to a new beginning.

Many people along the way asked me, “Why do you want to share your story? You’re not a notable person of celebrity.” I often doubted myself along the way, asking myself as well, “Why would anyone want to read my story?”  However, what came to me was the fact that I represent the every day person, where each one of us has a story to share and all of our stories have value.

Being that this is Wisdom Wednesday, I reflect upon the times of pain, trouble, and stress. These are the experiences in my life where the trials and tribulations helped me gain the wisdom. that also became my most valuable lessons learned.

“The wisdom of our minds takes our  memories into the present, so as to not repeat our past. The wisdom of our heart reminds us to keep our heart open to all with compassion, empathy, with protection for ourselves. The wisdom of our soul is to protect ourselves from our mind and heart; and to remember our value and purpose of being alive.”

Tess Cacciatore

Visit her site to purchase a copy of her Amazon Best Seller Book and for more info.

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