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Winning Product Packages to Get Inspiration From

What makes a brand memorable?

Is it in the name? Perhaps you can recognize their logo like the back of your hand. Some get their reputation from their ads and commercials, while others are best known for packaging.

There are instances when the package it comes in is more memorable than its contents. Wrap your colorful products in colorful packaging. Wrap it up it like it is. Add a personalized note. Exchange plain, boring brown wrapping paper for a more appealing one. Use pretty typography. Sometimes the product is only as good as its packaging – or vice versa.

Execute your packaging methods strategically and you’re bound to see improvements in your brand or product’s customer loyalty, marketing, and advertising.

Water in a Box 

Tagged with “Better water for a better world”, Vivid’s Water in a Box aims to change drinking habits of consumers by convincing them to drink water from a cardboard container rather than plastic. Their main advocacy revolves around reducing plastic bottle use – and waste.  

Sell it like it is

If it’s waterproof, prove it. Festina Divers watches are packaged in a transparent bag filled with water to convince buyers of its endurance.

Moana Doll Box-Turned-Boat

Barbies usually come in a box for kids; Moana doll’s packaging can be transformed into her boat. Not only does this save parents the trouble of making a separate purchase for her vessel, it also saves the environment. You don’t even need to be an expert at origami to figure out how to assemble it.

Build your Own Yo-yo

It doesn’t matter if you’re already an adult – toys have no age limit, including this Tait Design Co. Yo-yo that you assemble on your own. It’s the perfect use of minimalistic design for a minimal, but classic, toy.

Cigarettes in a Casket

Present the product as it is. In the case of these cigarettes, it literally reminds consumers how deadly smoking can be. Although it’s not a very positive marketing strategy for cigarette companies, it does its job on getting the dangers smokers face.


What’s most important for retailers is to make the box as appealing as its contents. We’re bombarded with various types of packaging every day. It’s easy for us to take the packages our stuff comes in for granted, disregarding the fact that so much thought and strategy was put into them. Plenty of us unconsciously re-uses a retailer’s box, bag or container after its initial use, unaware that our retailers reap the benefits along with us.

Whether you bought something on impulse or because it was something you really needed, packaging style will always do its part in drawing you in and making you feel some type of way.

Additionally, social media has become the ultimate judge of whether or not a product has satisfied and reached a consumer’s standards. Based on a Dotcom Distribution survey, roughly 50 percent consumers are more likely to make another purchase if their orders come in premium packages. The more unique the parcel, the more willing they will be to share photos of their orders via social media.

After all, it’s “Instagrammable”, what’s not to share? Flatlay away!

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Content writer & editor for Scoopfed. Formerly a student journalist. Full time writer, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast.

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