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Ahyanah Mincy
Ahyanah Mincy Business Student
7mo Jersey City, NJ, United States Story
Will Weinbach Apparel - Young Tennis Star May Start Clothing Brand

It’s hard to Imagine a 16 year old already making an impact in sports and entertainment but he has. William Weinbach is an upcoming junior at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village California. This high school student has already made a name for himself in tennis not only playing the sport but also becoming the CEO and founder of Cross Court TV. Cross Court TV has over 120,000 followers on instagram and is a media site that is everything tennis. The media outlet which was founded in August of 2016 features interviews, an online magazine, videos, product reviews of tennis products and more!! This 16 year old has built such an audience that he has been verified on Twitter with over 326.000 followers!!!

Now this young mogul has bigger and better plans (as if he hasn't already done enough lol). He conducted a poll on Twitter that read “Would you guys buy Will Weinbach merchandise? Vote below!!” The two answers were “Yes” or “No”. I answered “YES” and “yes” ended up winning the poll with 52% of the vote. So does that mean we may see some clothing from this young entrepreneur soon?? I sure hope so!! It’s my prediction the clothing would do very well because he already has a name and he could easily promote his brand via Cross Court TV. Will already assured me his apparel line will include female clothing so ladies can expect shop on the store as well.

William Weinbach has demonstrated that he is good at building brands (he is verified on Twitter at 16 and his entertainment brand has a large following). Will Weinbach Apparel could be the start of a tennis clothing empire. There are only a handful of Tennis apparel sites and none of them are based on a particular player. This 16 year old may has just tapped a new market of sportswear. It is my hope that Weinbach makes the decision to begin his apparel line because he would be one of the first players to base tennis sportswear off of his own name.

I will be updating this article as needed including if he begins the clothing line, any pictures of the website or clothing if Weinbach decides to launch apparel.

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1 comment

  • Lauren DiMundo
    Lauren DiMundo Creative production student, certified dog enthusiast and Jedi knight.
    7mo ago

    Wow very cool!

    Wow very cool!

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Ahyanah Mincy
Business Student

College Student Blogging about women in business and entrepreneurship. As seen on Patch and Huffington Post

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