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over 1 year Story
Will Anarkali Dresses Be Crushed By Long Gown And Straight Suit Style?

Indeed Anarkali design has stolen women’s hearts bygone days. As per the folk tales this design has made a place in the fashion world since the Mughal era.  The magic of these dresses is not only spread in India but also across the globe. The women of Pakistan and South East Asian communities are totally crazy about this design.

These dresses have a plenty of patterns, which are a result of different fabrics and embroidery work that is done on them.These ensembles make Indian women look amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. The top portion or the kameez in this new style  churidar salwar suits comes with the heavy embroidery work on the neck, sleeves and at the bottom portion of the kameez with slim fitted churidar.

No matter how many Indian females are attracted by the western dressing style, but when it comes to the occasion time, they firmly stick to the ethnic wear only. These designed attires are preferable in parties, family gathering, wedding, festivals, and other occasions because of their wide range of variety and classy look. You might have experienced the feeling of wearing these adorable dresses as how comfortable and easy it is to hold, and carry it.

Recently in India new fashion trend has started on the Fashionista of ethnic wear, which makes this Anarkali suits less popular among young women and girls.Here the question arises; what is the reason behind the lessening preference of these amazing designed attires? Why does it seem like these antique and adorable suits are losing their charm?

I have tried to enlist some reasons for choosing straight suits and frock style gowns over Anarkali suits, which are as below:

  • More preference to floor length in frock style gown
  • Demand for more comfort in wearing
  • More leaning towards less embellishment with more classiness
  • A call for a fusion of Indian ethnic and European attire style

Nowadays, new long frock designs are at the peak in demand chart of ethnic wear; they are seen available at each and every shop in India; it is also available in online store too. These designs are popular by the name “Long evening gown dresses“. As we are all acknowledged that our Indian professional designers these days are making several efforts to offer a modern touch to the traditional ethnic designs. The most surprising thing is people have warmly welcomed this new concept of fusion.

These long frocks are the fusion of Indian ethnic and European gown style on a global platform. Indian women are used to wearing a gown as a part of their night wear ensembles; it is obvious that it may not suit festive occasions. The European gowns are also not as much famous as jeans and T-shirts in India. I must say this combo dress of Indian and European style has rocked more in fashionable ladies than the conventional design with churidar.

Well, aside from these flashy attires, there is one another ethnic dressing style in the competition with the everlasting designer Anarkali salwar kameez these days. This wearing style has proved heartthrob for the ladies. Yes, the incorporate straight suits style is what we are talking about and is widely famous in the fashion industry.

This dressing trend is totally different from the above-described suit and gown. It comes up with long straight kameez, with full sleeves, slim fitted churidar, and a dupatta. This dressing style is quite sophisticated, decent and no wonders if I would say more comfortable, which indeed makes a new place in the women’s wardrobes.

Due to the decency, captivating creases, substantial embellishments and less requirement of body shape in preference of these dresses make them more popular than the flared, conventional Anarkali suits. Moreover, these suits are also preferable for uncommon occasions.


I would like to say in a brief that Anarkali are becoming less mesmerizing due to these two different sorts of dressing fashion, which I described above. The vogue of this suit is fading with time because of these new evolution in fashion stream.

In this new trend of straight suits and frock gowns, the traditional suits seem less demanding in young women and girls. All I want to say is the modern touch of these two different styles successfully runs among the ladies, which are crushing the Anarkali style suits.

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    I really like the brazilian body wav They're manner, awesome . They're superb .. They're wonderful.

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