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Healcerionpt This is true diagnostic ultrasound anywhere you need it.
2mo USA Story

At one time, the idea of purchasing a portable ultrasound, small enough to fit in your pocket, seemed like an inconceivable idea. But with the advancement in technology, Physical Therapists and other professionals can now benefit from an affordable and truly mobile solution to diagnostic ultrasound, the clinical wireless ultrasound device, Sonon. The Sonon 300L wireless ultrasound is an affordable solution for an increasing number of Physical Therapists.

Many Physical Therapists work in more than one location. Whether it is spending time between clinics, research facility or hospital consultations; the Sonon wireless ultrasound device can be easily transported wherever the Physical Therapists needs. With no cords or wires, the Sonon ultrasound is easy to carry and connects to iOS and Android allowing a Physical Therapist to store, manage and transfer images securely.

With a personal wireless ultrasound device, it reduces the need for patients enduring long wait times for an ultrasound scan and for Physical Therapists to diagnose and recommend treatment plans quickly. In a large clinic this increases productivity for the Physical Therapists and can create an environment of excellent patient care by greatly reducing wait times and diagnosis to treatment timing.

Traditional diagnostic ultrasound machines are a significant monetary investment and require significant floor space and wired connections. A personal wireless ultrasound device such as the Sonon are an affordable solution for Physical Therapists and does not require any professional installations or repairs like a traditional ultrasound machine. This can be advantageous to Physical Therapists who work in remote or rural environments where access to traditional diagnostic ultrasound is limited resulting in even more significant wait times for patients. The ability of the Sonon to wirelessly connect to a mobile device for sharing ultrasound scans to others who can assist in evaluating severity on an injury and help determine if a patient should be transferred to another clinic for further consultation.

Mobile medical technology, like the wireless ultrasound device, is revolutionizing the way Physical Therapists and other professionals’ practice. The accessibility of wireless ultrasound devices benefits both the patient and Physical Therapists.

Although, diagnostic ultrasound is not as prevalent within these clinics today as it will be in the near future, this is a device that every Physical Therapist can benefit from as well as their patients. Two years from now, it will not uncommon to have every Physical Therapist carrying a device like the Sonon wireless ultrasound device in their bag, or their pocket!

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This is true diagnostic ultrasound anywhere you need it.

THROUGH THE USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY, HEALCERION STRIVES TO BRING AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY MEDICAL CARE TO CLINICAL AND REMOTE LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD. Healcerion offers a mobile-based ultrasound system that is specifically designed to provide physicians and patients with flexibility and [...]

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