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Connie Trinh
7mo Dallas, TX, United States Story
Why Black Lives Matter to this Asian girl

Sometimes I find, when depression hits, it helps to just sit and have a cup of tea with it. This is my attempt at just that...coping with my own triggers caused by the recent tragic death/murder of 15 year old Jordan Edwards in my very own state of Texas.

Tragic Deaths

B's death
It broke me.
It changed me.
It hurt me.
It stole the me,
I was Before his Murder.

I've waited and waited and waited and waited
and waited and waited and waited and waited...

But the old me,
it never came back.

That old me,
It left the day


Body stuffed
in a Trunk
to Rot.


That old me,
that naive me,
I have let her go,                                                                                                                                 Go up to paradise to be with you,
I am at peace with that.

But the story
doesn't end there,
It can't end there.

As much as,
I want to kill
the bastards
who took B's life,
who took Hao's life,
who took Stephen's life.

Bringing hell on earth
Never fixed a thing.

So I chose
the harder path,
The only path to bring
Heaven on Earth.

To my friends and family,

Please hear me,
when I say
all tragic deaths,
hurt the same.

Darkening the souls
of the people
left behind

In my eyes,
A lost life there
is a lost life here.

It has to be.

Or else

We all have
got to start

Why not with Texas' very own?
Jordan Edwards.

To my friends,
who are still
haunted by
B's murder

This is the same path
Jordan's mom, dad,
brothers, family and friends
Have just begun
to walk down.

To my friends,
who miss Hao
knowing justice
was never served.

This is the fate Jordan's
family and friends
are looking at right now.

To my friends,
who are only left
with the fading memory
of Stephen's
warm warm smile,
and the hope that
the butterfly that flutters
at his tombstone
is his kind spirit
saying it's alright.

This is all that's
left for Jordan's mom,
Jordan's dad,
Jordan's brothers,
Jordan's uncle,
Jordan's aunts,
Jordan's family and
Jordan's friends
for eternity too.

Perhaps I am more sensitive,
to others suffering.
Only because I know,
the cries of pain,
all too well.

That is why,
I say it loud,
I say it proud.




I vowed to fight
for the forgotten,
after B's murder.

I vowed to fight
for injustice,
after Hao's
senseless attack.

I vowed to
always lend a smile,                                                                                                                          
after Stephen's fetal car accident,                                                                                                   in remembrance of his warm warm smile,                                                                                   he gave away so freely.

I vowed to live Life thrice,
as hard
for each and every
one of my fallen
friends and homies.

Perhaps you don't understand,
And that's ok.
All I gently ask,
Listen beyond judgement.

For my brothers and sisters,                                                                                                       who know the depths of pain,                                                                                                     that will last a lifetime.
We have agreed,
we are prepared,
to stand shoulder to shoulder
all race, religion and creed.
Uniting together,
to make our voices one.

Make our voices heard.
To say something's got to change.
Something's GOT to Change.
And we will stand,
Demanding no less.                                                                                                                   Saying not one more.                                                                                                                       NOT ONE MORE.

To my Asian friends and family,
who know exactly, what I'm taking about.
Will you join me?

If not for me,
then for Brandon,
for Hao,
for Stephen.

Because right now
It's just me.
Standing up to
injustice and
holding space
for those who have
been affected by
tragic deaths.

Will you join me?

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1 comment

  • Bird Lady
    Bird Lady Writer. Dreamer. Lawyer. Yes, a lawyer.
    7mo ago

    This blew me away @Connie Trinh . I feel bad asking but what happened to these victims?

    This blew me away @Connie Trinh . I feel bad asking but what happened to these victims?

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