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Amy Wilson 75
2y Chicago, IL, United States Story
Who Says Handwriting Has Drowned In The Past?

The debate over handwriting and typing is one that keeps coming up every now and then. With the latest technology, most people have diverted to typing on keyboards than writing by hand. It has become a way of writing for everything, from typing emails to personal to-do lists, and so on. Although typing may be faster and reliable, research shows that handwriting still retains its unique advantages.

A century ago, the handwriting was a prestigious job but not for everyone. Phrase “Write my paper” had a little bit different meaning than now. In the modern society, people prefer typing, and handwriting is left for special occasions such as small notes, congratulation letters, and private diary writing. At first sight, the battle between typing and handwriting might seem to be no more that the latest gossip, but it may be another tool that we need to get used to. But maybe the uniqueness of handwriting is still there. 

So, some handwritten if you are an avid typist, pick a pen and some handwritten notes as we bring back the benefits of handwriting. 

Handwriting business

In an era where ignoring handwriting is fading in classrooms and businesses, calligraphy is making a surprising comeback. People are now appreciating calligraphy and designing in weddings and baby shower invitations. Many talented calligraphers are finding comfort in working on a variety of celebrations and big projects. Maybe you have friends who get hyped up by your unique handwriting or you’ve practiced calligraphy as a talent for years now. It is time to hone your skills and show the world what you got.In fact, besides showing the uniqueness of handwriting, calligraphy can be a lucrative side hustle. Take up the challenge and maximize your success.

Sweet handwritten gifts

Remember the days when you could receive a real, handwritten note in form of a mail from a friend. There is a chance to bring that feeling back. Receiving sweet handwritten gifts is one way to feel appreciated in the best way possible. The gift can be informed of a card, posters, diaries or books written in a trendy and fashionable handwriting. To make it even more interesting, the gifts can be hand written and hand delivered. People have become even more creative and developed amazing apps that allow you to create a custom with different styles and designs that can be crafted very easily.You can also handwrite a personal message on the gift and design it according to the style you prefer. 

Private handwriting benefits

There is no doubt that handwriting has a lot of benefits. Handwriting is very important in a different aspect of life and here are some few.

  • Literacy:  With handwritten notes, children have the ability to read and write.Children are quick to transfer a mental image in mind into its physical form on a piece of paper. Similarly, they can learn fast using handwritten notes.

  • Easier understanding: Handwritten content allows us to understand the underlying meaning of any texts and formulate conclusions. Strong writing skills help us to improve in reading comprehension and understand its meaning even better.

  • Critical thinking: Strong writers understand that handwritten materials help to organize their knowledge and experiences into clear patterns to draw inferences in unfamiliar circumstances.

  • Creativity: andseeUsing a pen and a paper helps writers to write down their and see the bigger picture in their mind. In fact, psychotherapist advice people to write down all their strange feelings and get rid of the fears and doubts. As a result, they are able to focus on finding solutions to their problems. 

  • Memory recall: Handwritten notes helps to retain knowledge than typing. The brain is able to grasps written information easier for accurate retrieval of the information. This information can be used for future reference for personal development.

It may be true that handwriting is more popular than typing, but we cannot deny the fact that handwriting is unique and has almost equal benefits with typing. Technology development is growing every day which means more typing, but the personal implication in form of handwritten content is still preferred in some spheres. In the end, handwriting is not dead, and this guide proves that it is worth checking out.

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  • Samantha Anderson
    Samantha Anderson TUTOR, FREELANCE WRITER
    almost 2 years ago San Francisco, CA, United States

    great article!
    fresh glance and business idea:)

    great article!
    fresh glance and business idea:)

Amy is a freelance writer. She studies Social Media Digital Strategy at college, is an experienced mentor student. Her passion is to write on the topics related to student life. She is interested in how technology allows to lead efficient lifestyle and improve our skills. Amy lives to expand her [...]

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