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ThalassaBoom Thalassa Boom Resort Wear
1y Curaçao Story


I am Thalassa Boom. I am a partner to the love of my life ‘Hans’, a mom to my 2 amazing teenage kids ‘Javaj’ & ‘Yara’ and 3 cats and a friend to many. I live on Curacao, a tiny Dutch island in the Caribbean. I am presently building my own company AND I am a starting blogger! ;-)  Next to this I (try to) work out and practice yoga 4/5 times a week. I do this at home in order not to lose too much valuable time.

Hans & me attending Miami Swim Week 2016         |         Me & my kids 


I think my life is great and I feel blessed in many ways! I think that at the age of 42 I am finally managing a better balance between work, family, exercise & fun. Although some times it still happens that work takes the overhand and I end up feeling terribly guilty at the end of the day (actually night) because I skipped my work-out and did not spend more quality time with my kids & hubby whom I all love to death, I still think that overall I do a great job. My work, my partner and my children define my life, but I still feel that I am Thalassa! I love this about this stage of my life! ♥  

At this age I also learned not to judge myself too harshly (which being a perfectionist, control freak and workaholic is an accomplishment on it’s own!) And I learned to take the days as they come. I give myself credits for my daily accomplishments and I often successfully suppress the idea of not having pushed more tasks in my already o so full schedule. Pretty good, isn’t it? I sure think so! :-)  (Positive things DO come with aging! ☺)

Hans and I share the same love and passion for fashion, travelling, food & fancy restaurants, trendy beach & nightclubs, Interior Design and cool art! He is an integral part of my every day life and so are my kids of whom I am very proud! Andrea is my right and left hand, we work very closely together on a daily base (often also in the weekends) to make all this happen!

My boyfriend is an entrepreneur and also owns a gorgeous boutique hotel and a boutique resort with a super nice & trendy beach club (lovely holiday spot! ♥) named Papagayo Curacao on our beautiful island Curacao of which you probably never heard (applause to those that do know this hidden pearl in the Caribbean; you are one of the very few familiar with our island!).

Curacao is a Dutch island located above the coast of Venezuela and is just a 2-½ hours flight away from Miami. We have warm weather year round, and spectacular white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is the ideal spot to relax, tan, swim, dive, snorkel, and snack all day & every day! I could write a lot more about Curacao, which will make you book your next trip immediately, but this blog is not about Curacao; maybe the next one! :-)

So while my hubby is busy managing his property, I focus on my teenagers and my life-style brand Thalassa Boom | Resort Wear.

But before I get to my brand I need to share that I love to travel! Hans and I travel extensively to many exciting destinations where we stay at super nice (boutique) hotels, eat at fantastic restaurants, lounge at trendy beach clubs, visit funky nightclubs and I looove to shop wherever I go! (Super bad for my wallet because I always succeed to spend money on great stuff no matter where I go! ;-) ) I also love travelling with my friends or my kids whom enjoy our life-style more with every year they grow, which is great fun! So just based on my experiences in the areas of travel, food & nightlife, I think that I am able to pull up some great lists of amazing places for you to visit, stay, eat, lounge, party & shop! I have some exiting trips planned  for the coming months, so make sure you don’t miss my future blog posts!

Yep, that sounds like the perfect jet-setting couple living the jet-setting life, right?
True, but in between and during this jet-setting life-style we work extremely hard to accomplish our goals!

After having worked for many years in many fields but fashion, I finally decided in 2015 to follow my dreams and start a career in fashion! 

And so I  launched my luxury life-style brand

My Resort Wear is designed to fit perfectly into a luxury lifestyle.
It is intended for lounging at trendy beach clubs, sipping champagne at the bar and dancing to mellow tunes as the sun goes down.

Sounds like a great life-style right?
That is exactly why I named it a LIFESTYLE Brand!

My Resort Wear is designed for women who love to “glam it up” and enhance their beach wardrobe with lux hand-made resort wear. The woman I have in mind when designing my pieces is confident and fashion forward, embracing life and craving fun! She understands that life’s too short not to party in the sun! 

My Resort Wear unites fashion trends and the resort lifestyle. It is a fuse between the popular flirty Brazilian fit and a classy European style. I love to use luxurious and colorful fabrics. When designing my pieces I keep in mind that they are sexy but chic, that they easily transition from day to night and that they are both fashion and beach at the same time. Many of my pieces are ideal to wear in everyday life. For example my cover-ups are great to wear on top of jeans or shorts with high heels accompanied by my handbags. My handbags are not only to take to the beach, but they also look stunning with a casual or more glamorous outfit! And all pieces of my collection easily mix and match with trending styles & accessories.

My swimwear & cover-ups are made in Miami and my bags are made in Italy. Therefor I have been travelling a lot to Miami lately. Miami is my favorite city in the world.
Once you have been in Miami you’ll understand why so many people fly to this amazing Latino influenced city for their winter round suntans, sandy white beaches, exquisite cuisine, fantastic shopping and wonderful Cuban coffee! In December I will do an extensive blog post on this amazing city and I will write about the places I love to Stay | Eat | Drink | Lounge | Shop.  

But now back to my brand. My first collection features glamorous swimwear, lux cover-ups in silks, organza’s, laces and cottons and stylish neoprene handbags with dynamic and vibrant prints. I decided to produce 1 collection every year with limited amounts to keep the brand unique. Items are constantly launched throughout the year to keep the collection fresh and renewing.

The reason why I chose for this concept is because I find that the world is becoming so uniform. Everywhere I travel I see the same shops and brands and I miss uniqueness. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop at H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, etc. which you are able to find in almost every great city.  And I LOVE luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Luis Vuitton, Fendi, Dolce Gabanna, etc. But what I also love are unique pieces. I love to mix and match unique pieces with famous and less famous designer labels. For me the most amazing look is where well know labels and non familiar labels & more and less expensive items are flawlessly combined to form a head turning mind blowing effortlessly chic look! That is what I call ART! ♥

Many people ask me what my favorite pieces are of my collection. Of course I love each piece, however I particularly fancy some more then others because the color or fit goes better with my complexion and body type. And I love golds, I'm a GOLD girl! ♥♥♥  As long as it is styled chic & classy only the look of the bling bling already makes me happy! Below I chose to show you 4 of my favorite items of each category: swimwear, cover-ups & bags.



I ♥ this green snake print and this ruched bikini bottom; it's one of my absolute fav's!

Andrea  managed a great pose on this fab but wobbly Pegasus of Funboy! ☺

Andrea in our popular Alligator Blue Bikini with Swarovski Crystals in Santorini, Greece.

Mariana on a super hot summer day @ South Beach Miami!
This Black Crack Bikini is also one of my favorites. It's basic, but yet different due to the crack and metallic print on the fabric. It gives a great shine in the sun!



My fav model Mariana Downing in this fantastic bright cobalt blue short kimono with gold binding! Mariana is a true joy to work with; such a great attitude and so down to earth! We hope to work with her soon again! ♥

Mariana in a Flower Zebra Kimono of pure silk.
The kimono also looks stunning on a pair of capri's, with a crop top and stiletto's!  

This pic was taken when we were doing a shoot last summer in Wynwood, Miami.
The fitted gown is super sexy over a bikini, but can also be worn with a fitted underdress.

This Leopard Kimono in silk looks amazing on a black or gold bikini, but I also wear it on a pair of faded black jeans or shorts with high heels, a great clutch and a pair of mirror sunglasses it looks stunning!


This Gold bag made of neoprene is the perfect accessory to every outfit.
It is my absolute favorite bag with which I often travel when I need to travel light because it matches pretty much every outfit!

Camo is print it IT this season! This super light camo bag accompanies me on my city trips. It combines well with many outfits and you can hardly see it when it get's dirty!

White & light! Ideal for the classic look, either to the beach with a matching bikini, stylish cover-up or with a nice spring or summer outfit!

This classic French Pied de Poule print combined with the Cheetah & Gold accents make it a funky bag that matches any basic outfit and spices it up.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post & I look forward to see you back soon!


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Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

Thalassa was born in Holland and raised on Curacao; a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. She studied Hotel Management and Yoga in The Netherlands and she worked the greater part of her career in small to medium sized companies in The Netherlands, USA and Curacao. After living abroad for over 16 [...]

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