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Which One to Purchase - Ceramic Hair Brush or Ionic Brush?

With so many hair care products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is best, especially hair brushes which are probably the most important and commonly used hair care product of all. Everyone has their own opinion on which one works best, but truthfully the ‘best’ one depends upon your individual hair type, thickness, length, and style. For instance, The Beauty Department says that round brushes are best for bounce and shine while brushes with boar bristles are better for updos and smoothing. But this doesn’t mean that you have to purchase an entire army of hair brushes to be prepared for any situation. You will get by just fine and save money by purchasing the one you need. This comparison guide to ceramic and ionic brushes will tell you which one is best for you:

Ionic Brushes

An ionic brush electronically cuts down upon static in your hair. This is especially useful for repairing and preventing breakages and damage that causes frizzy hair. If your hair has become damaged and too frizzy, this type of brush is ideal to bring it back under control and looking good. YouQueen also recommends the following to fix damaged hair:

Drink plenty of water and eat right to keep your hair hydrated.

Cut down upon stress as this can cause hair shedding.

Avoid brushing or handling your hair too often.

Towel dry your hair rather than using a hair dryer.

Get your hair trimmed regularly.

Keep your brushes clean. (Leanne-Marie has a useful guide for this. Just be careful since an ionic brush uses electrical parts.)

Ionic hair brushes can often be more expensive than standard brushes brought from a store since they use electronic parts, but they are a good investment as they will last for a long time and won’t cause any damage, unlike store brought brushes. 

Ceramic Brushes

Ceramic brushes also use ionic technology and heat and can also be used to reduce frizz. The difference is that they use more heat which in some instances can actually do more damage to the hair and increase frizz. But the intention is to reduce the amount of time spent blow drying and reducing the amount of heat damage. For those who need to dry their hair quickly it is ideal, but to those who don’t wish to expose their hair to any level of heat damage, the ionic brush may be more preferable.

Ceramic brushes may be useful in these situations:

Blow drying

Making hair softer and easier to style

Straightening hair


Again, they can be slightly more expensive but to those that need them, it is a worthy investment that will last for a long time.

Nobody knows your hair needs better than you do so determining what style you want, how much time you can spend each day on grooming, and how damaged your hair is will determine which brush is a better investment. No matter which one you choose, you will be able to use to keep your hair healthy, clean, and looking good.

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