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almost 4 years USA Story
Where to go for New Year’s Eve

New Years is knocking at the door and for all that the season holds, the curious traveler is already making plans to make the eve count. Christmas Vacation is the best time to let go, pack light and fly but with every city having its own charm, the ideas seem more confusing than ever!

The ideal New Year destination is hard to pick, but a quick scroll through the top 10 cities which go all out for the season will give those ideas something to settle down on! Read on holiday-ers, read on….

1. New York

The Fifth Avenue, the famous Times Square and the Rockefeller Centre all have one thing in common on New Year’s eve- light, love and magic. Take your time to stroll through the spirited people as you sing carols and get warm over a couple of drinks. Don’t miss the Ball Drop countdown!

2. Paris

Eiffel tower gets just as excited as its many visitors who flock to Paris during New Years. Take a walk along the boulevard which hugs the tower or simply explore one of the markets in Paris which will give you a shopping high.

3. Rio de Janeiro

If partying at the Copacabana New Year’s Carnival is not on your ‘to-do list’, grab that pen and add it in bold! Millions of people swaying to one rhythm at the iconic beach and gazing up at the midnight fireworks which lights up the whole city, is not something anyone should miss.

4. London

London by far has the most number of things to do during New Years you can take help from travel websites , so if you love variety, London is the perfect destination for you! Take a cruise, explore the local streets (Oxford, Convent), walk into the Wonderland at Hyde Park or ice skate in the shadows of the London eye- London dreams of New Years’ like no other city!

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam truly celebrate New Years and is known for a party which is arranged on almost every square! The Light festival happens prior to the New Years so if you are arriving early, do not miss it! Besides, the fireworks which are best seen from its many bridges, make up for all the seasonal rush.

6. Las Vegas

If you think Las Vegas can’t get any better, visit the city during the New Years Eve! The buzzing streets (leaning on dancing) invite one and all to dance the year away! Besides the whole city lights up with live concerts by famous bands and personalities and if you are lucky, you can share space with them!

7. Sydney

The Sydney harbor bridge and the Sydney Opera house put up quiet a show when the 9.00 am and 12.00 am fireworks light up more than just the sky. One of the most loved events around the globe, people love to get an early bird place to see the fireworks and spend their time reminiscing the lights later on.

8. Berlin

Live music, a never ending dance floor and some of the grooviest music you will ever hear, the New Years eve in Berlin is perfect if you love the ultra-urban idea of welcoming the New Years. No matter where you are in the city, do not miss the ‘Party Mile’ – where music, food, laser shows and larger-than-life screens flood the street.

9. Miami

If you love beaches, what better than to usher in the New Year than at the famous South Beach. Party all night long even after the midnight fireworks grace the sky. The spirit still lingers on well into the next day! A small travel tip- do not miss the Big Orange Ball drop, held in spirit of New York’s Ball Drop at Times Square.

10. Hong Kong

The view of the Victoria Harbor at midnight is what makes Hong Kong so special. Whether you decide to see the view from the local boats or simply find a place high enough, Hong Kong’ tech-savvy displays and lights will keep you spellbound for a long time.

These top 10 places make for a brilliant way to kick-start the New Years. So which one are you checking out this season?

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I am travel blogger. I am interested in exploring new destinations all over the world. I am keen on knowing different cultures and traditions and trying to different foods & clicking selfies.

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