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Cinnamon Mama to 11, Personal Organizer, Runner, Writer.
9mo Chattagnooga, TN Story
What would you do with 11 children?

That was the question I was asking myself as my tribe of munchkins grew and grew. I was a SAHM, on purpose, and wanted to make our lives full of laughter and happy memories. 

Since I also homeschooled my crew I wanted to have fun along with them. I wanted to learn with them. I wanted to be there for it all. And I was, for all the good times and through the hard times. 

I taught them and they taught me. They showed me love and kindness. I taught them how to read. I learned to bake and they showered me with hugs (because Mama's always need hugs!) I learned about herbs, teas, and gardens. I also learned I did not have a green thumb and that was okay. I listened to my children practice their music lessons. I enjoyed every squeaky moment. I allowed them time to be children, explore, build, create and run barefoot outside. I snuggled each baby and cherished each one. 

#1 was born on his due date

#2 was born 5 days late.

#3 was born on fathers day.

#4 was my first girl and born on the same day as #2 (also 5 days late)

#5 was my biggest baby at 10lbs 3oz.

#6 was my first home birth.

#7 was born on the side of the road.

#8 was my second water birth.

#9 was my third born at home.

#10 was born in the 10th hour on the 10th day and I was alone. 

#11 was my first baby born early and my first labor I had an epidural. Bliss! 

Some of my favorite memories are of early mornings filled with sleepy smiles. We would sip creamy coffee on the couch while easing into our day. Were all days this Ozzie and Harriet style? No. But that's the desire I took into each day and each day was beautiful.

Today, I still have 6 at home. Today, I have 24 years of beautiful memories with my children that I cherish. Today, I am smarter because of them. Today I know so much more about myself because of them. Today, I know I am more than their Mama, I am ME, but being their Mama has made ME, even better. 


p.s. and now I know what to do with 11 them!

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Mama to 11, Personal Organizer, Runner, Writer.

I am convinced I was born with a love for a big family. Each of my 11 children has shaped me into who I am today. We go through life learning, loving and laughing. Being a Mama to 11 has taught me to organize a crew, feed them all, budget, bake and laugh. My life as a SAHM has been the melting [...]

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