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What Soulmates Are

I’ve always disliked the concept of soulmates.  Actually, I should say I’ve always disliked the traditional concept of soulmates.  The notion that there’s one (and only one) person who you wouldn’t be able to live without, the one who's just a perfect match, who’s willing to stay by your side through every up and down for the rest of your lives; this idea that’s fed to us (girls, mostly) since we’re old enough to grasp it.  I suppose it’s all sweet and romantic.  And if this is the view you hold, that’s wonderful.  As for myself, I’m not a fan of things romantic or lovey-dovey.  Which is why, a while back, I switched up my thoughts on what soulmates are.

I don’t believe soulmates should be narrowed down to a person.  First of all, it’s too much pressure.  All these people, all over the place, and I must choose one?  Combing over everybody, and casting aside those who have maybe a single thing that doesn’t meet my requirements honestly sounds exhausting.  Secondly, it’s just all too confining.  Out of the literally billions of people on this planet, why limit myself to finding just one person I can perfectly and unbelievably with?  I’d essentially be boxing myself in, allowing myself to miss out on an infinite amount of experiences and people and life, all for the sake of a sole true love.

And speaking of love, why must soulmates have romantic love attached to it?  I recognize soulmates as having to be purely romantic in nature.  I’ve had best friends and a little-more-than-friends (yes, way more than just the presumed one) I without a doubt consider to be soulmates of mine.  And it’s not because I was in love with them or shared the most profound relationship.  It’s because we got along amazingly; we clicked; there was that connection.  Whatever it is you wish to call it, they were all pieces that simply fell into place perfectly.  They made my life a more complete, regardless of how long they remained.

Which brings me to my last non-traditional attitude of what soulmates are.  Why does it matter how long they were around for?  Who’s to say these soulmates have to be the be all, end all?  They don’t have to be permanent, around until the end of time, forever.  Their presence might’ve been brief in the grand scheme of things, but they left an impact that's everlasting. 

Which is exactly what soulmates do.

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