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9d Story
What’s the Formula for Consulting Career Success? Diversity.

I’ve thought a lot about the forces that have shaped my career over the years.

Is it the push and pull that comes from balancing the priorities of the organization with your own dreams and aspirations? Or the universe giving you what you need just when you need it?

It may well be a bit of both.

There is a freedom at Accenture to nurture our unique strengths, our differentiators. And space to apply it to work that engages you. That’s been the ultimate force driving my career, and it’s led me to places way beyond where I thought I’d go.

It’s a force that’s also shaped a diverse team of some of the most truly interesting and innovative people I’ve ever met.

The right people, the right project
Diversity is a tremendous asset not just for us, but for clients, too.

A big part of my job is delivering the right team to match the project and the needs of the client. Which means drawing on a huge range of strengths, skill sets, backgrounds and perspectives to transform a project beyond the concept stage into something actionable.

Having a diverse team was key to the success of a recent large-scale technology global transformation project. And not just diversity of thought; we also needed diversity of experience—people who understood strategic transformations from all angles. For example, one person on the team was on the receiving end of a very similar technology operating model transformation. She brought invaluable perspective of someone who’d have to live with the changes we were proposing.

But at the end of the day, having empathy makes all the difference—the ability to relate to the experience a client is about to go through. It’s how we build trust, which is a solid foundation for any successful relationship.

Our superpowers make magic
Diversity is something we live every day at Accenture.

It’s so important to build relationships with people you don’t naturally gel with, or who don’t closely resemble you. For me, it’s less about mentoring diverse leaders, which many of us do, and more about the impact of spreading the message of diversity amongst leaders.

Everyone is uniquely differentiated and uniquely qualified. When we let our team bring that to the table, magic happens. I love learning about, and sharing in, people’s individual experiences.

When we give each other the freedom and space to bring our authentic selves to projects and apply those differences to make an impact, they become superpowers.

The keys to career success
Want to be successful in consulting, or in any career path?

Know yourself, know your strengths and don’t be afraid to use them. Because at Accenture, they’ll help you soar.

Bring your authentic self to work and do work that’s transforming the world, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.

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