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over 1 year New York, NY, USA Story
What's on my mind right now? Hint: It's college

As a high school junior in her second term, I am writing this post as I bite my nails down to the nub, contemplating all the possible outcomes after submitting a college application. As I ponder what my admissions officer is looking for, I seem to grow more worried by the second. My school is huge, 5947 students across 4 grades, and all of us seem to apply to the same 15 or so schools. That means competition is tough...brutal even. I always wonder why high school students worry so much about where their degree is from. It is easier said than done to remember that many successful people have gone to second tier universities. That doesn't change anything about them or the level of their intellect. But yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of the smartest students compete for spots at competitive colleges. 

Personally, I have realized that not getting in to my top college would serve as a reminder of my disadvantages. Being a "brown" girl going into the legal field, a traditionally white-male dominated world, I have always hoped that with a degree from a university with an outstanding program, I would earn the right to succeed in that world. If I had a degree from a top college, it would almost mitigate, or at least minimize, the disadvantages that I have working against me. To not have the qualifications would mean that the hill that I have to climb up to succeed would get even steeper. 

And I'm not the only one. I'm sure many, many students are feeling the same way I am right now, whether they are a high school junior about to start applying to colleges, or a high school senior about to receive decisions. 

I ask you to please share some advice you have learned as a professional or even as a college/high school student that might help other high schoolers in my position feel better about this impending ordeal.


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I am a junior in high school in the Law and Society major. I am the child of two South Asian immigrant parents. At school, I am on student government as the Student Advocate and am responsible for overseeing 5947 students. I also participate in Mock Trial and Moot Court. I founded the Legal [...]

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