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6mo USA Story
What NOT to Say to Someone With Type 2 Diabetes

Most of us who’ve had diabetes for a while have at least a couple of well-meaning people in our lives who like to talk to us about our condition — the aunt who sneaks in comments about how we should be caring for ourselves, or a friend who always brings up the latest new item they read online saying we could cure our condition by simply doing x, y, or z.

If you’re one of those well-meaning friends or family, I urge you: please keep your comments to yourself.

Because if you don’t have diabetes, you have no idea what it’s like to keep up with taking medication, getting enough exercise, following a specific diet, and crunching blood glucose numbers every single day.

And just as I would never make recommendations about your arthritis medication or your glasses prescription, you really shouldn’t offer your thoughts on my medical condition.

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