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KateBerry Writer
5mo London, United Kingdom Story
What is More Important-Education or Experience?

If you are entering the world of work or career change, you might be wondering if the ray of experience is more important than a degree or vice versa.There are many factors which undergo the broad concepts of education versus experience.In the real world, there are two sets of people which supports the core concepts of the experience and education. Here are some supporting arguments for the notion of experience.

1. Find the career path:

The work experience is essential and leads a person to find a way of the career. Here are some instances which need to be religiously followed.

  • The person can grab the idea of what to chose or not.
  • He can gain valuable information about his career.

He gains the capability to make an informed decision regarding his future work.

2.Work experience lures employers:

In the domain of the office, the curriculum vitae of the students are targeted who has considerable work experience. With the framework of the gaining experience, young professionals would obtain real-life skills and can prove themselves in terms of building a sounded career.

3.A competitive world:

In the modern era, the world is filled with a bundle of competition in all spheres of life.A person who wants to lay a firm foundation on the competitive market should possess the skills along with experience which is mandatory to obtain a job. Similarly, to sustain the competitive job market, the work experience is essential, and the working environment should be understood to have a necessary foundation for any professional.

4.Solid experience is required:

There are many fields which need higher demand in possessing the technical knowledge and have been earning reputable remarks in the various industries. For example, the bachelors of electronic engineering have lesser demand as compared to the diploma holders of the electronics. It gives a quick glimpse of the bitter fact that the practical knowledge of the particular field is more critical in the job market.

5. Develop networks:

Great work experience helps a person to gain more contacts about the favorable industry. Through the use of robust systems, a person can obtain the opportunity of getting future jobs through family and friends.

6.Experience teaches a valuable lesson:

A career adviser of the Rasmussen College, Anna Alanko suggests that there are five tips of the success in gaining the privilege over the working environment. One of the factors is that the individual learns about the terms and conditions of the company. However, the employee learns about his weakness and strengthens which can create a source of the impression to the employer.                                                                                                                        

Here are some supportive claims of education concerning the debate of the experience in the modern world which is as follows:

1. Solid evidence:

According to the statistical survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the USA, the teenagers who are aged between 16-24 are not enrolled in schools and the universities. However,they are working in many fields. Similarly, the unemployment rate of the high school dropouts and the high school students has exceeded up to 27.9%  and 18.9% in the current scenario.It is the ultimate fact that college graduates earn a lot more than high school students.

2.The high profile graduates earn more than technical professionals:

For the national center for education of USA, the notion of the statistics proved that individuals aged between 24 and 34 possess a professional diploma whose income is 50% greater to the high school graduates.It concludes to the fact that college graduates are expected to earn more than the half million a dollar on an average depending upon the course. It is observed that most of the college graduates prefer the job of a freelance writer at the beginning of their career.Therefore; they are hired as the professional writers who provide affordable writing services to the undergraduate students in writing thesis, dissertation, essay and directed writing. It implies that the college graduates have a bundle of opportunities at the beginning level and they are the ones to decide which career to opt for.

3.Education is the building block towards the road of the experience:

Education is the building block of gaining the diverse range of knowledge about attaining the professional expertise which moves side by side at the frontal level. Similarly, if a person wants to acquire them, in the long run, he should be well-qualified to attain the long term career. It implies that the educated individual can only gain success in the corporate and other professional spheres of life.                                                                                  

A Conclusive debate

In the modern world, the discussion of education and experience is endless and has no clear winner. The possible solution to the bipolar arena of the concepts is that education is the primary necessity of a human being to lead a successful career. Though the person can gain experience at any stage of his career. Hence, the success of the fruitful career is acquiring knowledge through education, and as a result, the end product is the favorable job of our own choice.

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I am an content and academic writer from London,UK

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